Note to Low-Information Liberals Obsessed with Money in Politics: Obama is the King

Attention Low-Information Liberals. Remember this fun fact from the 2008 election, involving your messiah, B. Hussein Obama?

From a New Yorker piece, “The Obama Memos:”

The fourth momentous decision of Obama’s political career provided the financial boost that made him President. On June 19, 2008, he announced that he would be the first Presidential candidate since 1976 to forgo public funds, which allow candidates to run in the general election while limiting the corrupting influence of fund-raising. This was an awkward and hypocritical decision, given that in 2007 Obama had explicitly promised that he would stay in the system. David Plouffe, his campaign manager, wrote in his memoir, “The Audacity to Win,” that the promise had been a mistake: “We were overly concerned with making sure the reform community and elites like the New York Times editorial board, which care deeply about these issues, would look favorably on our approach.” Obama, Plouffe noted, was “genuinely torn,” but was eventually convinced that victory trumped idealism. Obama’s choice allowed him to raise unlimited amounts of money while John McCain, who remained in the system, was limited to a check from the government for eighty-four million dollars. From September 1st to Election Day, Obama outspent McCain by almost three to one, and, as many Republicans are quick to note, ran more negative ads than any Presidential candidate in modern history.

Did you pinheads know this fact? All this evil money in politics and the Koch Brothers are nowhere in sight!

Yes, Obama voters are idiots and he is their king!


  1. The King and a three dollar bill have much in common. The Divider in Chief has successfully torn the Country asunder. He doesn’t even bow to Mecca, as he is also divine.

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