Note to Obama Apologists: He Didn’t Go on Offense Because He Can’t

One of the challenging things about being a knowledgeable observer of current events is the stunning disconnect between reality and the benighted babbling emitted into the atmosphere by people who are supposed to be the smartest, most well-informed around, our Lame Stream Media friends.

The latest example was their public head scratching over Barack Obama’s abysmal performance in last Wednesday night’s debate. As I noted the next morning, they are incapable of accepting the reality that their guy is an unqualified, affirmative-action assisted, thin-skinned empty suit, so they resort to other explanations. They blame the moderator. They blame the altitude. They claim that he, a man who doesn’t even attend national security briefings, was distracted by a national security crisis. They claim that he was trying to appear “presidential” and above the fray. They marvel at the fact that the very next day, he seems to regain his voice, and say all the marvelous comebacks he should have said during the debate. “Why oh why couldn’t he have said those brilliant things last night?” they wail. I’ll say it again. This sort of confusion about things that are beyond obvious is why my work is never done. I’ll speak very slowly, so that even Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow can understand.

Think about it, Chris, Rachel and any one else so demented that he or she is actually supporting the Dear Reader. Why do we call him “the Dear Reader?” Because like most other celebutards, any time he says anything half way intelligent or interesting, someone else has to write it first. On Thursday, his TelePrompTer was back, and therefore, so was that Barry that you know and love so much.

In nearly every public appearance, Barack Obama reads threadbare clichès to audiences of low-information backward children or public employee union members seeking goodies from his stash. His entire campaign consists of slogans, distortions of reality and unchallenged mythology. As we note frequently here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, he himself is a fictional character. That being the case, his handlers realize that he must be very careful getting into an argument about the facts of his record, particularly with a smart challenger who clearly has a terrific command of those facts. For example, many of Barack Obama’s supporters were stunned that he didn’t bring up the allegedly “devastating” caught-on-tape remark Mitt Romney made about “the 47%” during the debate. That comment is some sort of horrific, smoking gun indictment of Mitt Romney if, and only if, it is distorted, and I’m sure Mitt Romney would not have accepted as a given the inaccurate characterization that Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton enjoy so much. If Mr. Romney were given the opportunity to speak about what he really meant, not only would that destroy the mischaracterization that the Obama campaign is hanging its hat on, it would have given Mitt the chance to explore the bigger issue of an opportunity society v. an entitlement society. They don’t want to open that can of worms, or any number of others because the reality is that the truth and the facts about Barack Obama’s record are the last thing they want to talk about.

The mantra-repeating propagandists supporting Obama not only accept his silly, hackneyed slogans without question. They assume that the rest of us do as well, and therefore, they can’t imagine the debacle for their side that would result if those slogans were ever subjected to a fact-based analysis by a smart opponent.

Obama’s handlers also know that if their thin-skinned narcissistic one-trick pony faced that kind of scrutiny, we might all witness a very unwelcome event from their standpoint; specifically, the arrival on the scene of Testy Barry. We have seen him before, and he is prickly, impatient, angry and certainly not “likable.”

Frankly, those lamenting Barack Obama’s passivity and failure to smack Mitt Romney with “Bain” and “the 47%” should be careful what they wish for. It could have been much worse.


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