Obama’s Phony Pledges to “Work With” Those He Persecutes

Jay Carney and David Axelrod are enlisting the aid of their LSM (Lame Stream Media) mouthpieces to get out the word that they are willing to “work with” the Catholic bishops and other religious leaders who are justifiably outraged now that they’ve gotten a taste of the raw coercive brute force behind Obama’s “Affordable Care Act.” Let me translate: when the Obama administration says it wants to “work with” someone who doesn’t want to go along with the program, they mean that they want to make him an offer he can’t refuse. In this case, it means finding ways to continue to trample the First Amendment while deceiving potential voters that they have “compromised,” as if there could be a “balanced approach” where conscience is concerned. Of course, you won’t be fooled.

Just as you weren’t fooled when George Soros tried to tell you in 2008 that Barack Obama, whose militancy on abortion is so extreme that he opposed giving medical care to babies who managed to survive abortions, was pro-life.

In fact, just yesterday, while Axelrod and Carney were doing damage control and talking about “working with” religious organizations, the One was behind closed doors, doubling down on his extremist position. He can’t do otherwise. His left-wing base will not allow it.

Note to Obama: When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

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