Nothing Sacred: WaPo Doesn’t Miss Opportunity to Slam Mrs. Reagan in Obituary

Stay classy, WaPo! Partisan hack writes hateful obituary, then, when busted, tries to change it without telling anyone!


From Mediate in an excellent piece by Joe Concha, who precedes the following with some screenshots of some of the inevitable venomous tweets that appeared within seconds that the news of Mrs.Reagan’s death crossed the wires:

Enter the Washington Post’s Lois Romano, who (originally) decided to go with this as her opening paragraph (emphasis mine):

Nancy Reagan had an undeniable knack for inviting controversy. There were her extravagant spending habits at a time of double-digit unemployment, a chaotic relationship with her children and stepchildren that could rival a soap-opera plot, and the jaw-dropping news that she had insisted the White House abide by an astrologer when planning the president’s schedule.

Monday morning Update:Ms. Romano and/or a Washington Post editor decided to stealth-edit the piece and has completed altered the aforementioned opening paragraph without any note to readers informing them of the change. Further updates will be provided if she responds to Mediaite’s request for comment.

So they publish this shameful, partisan crap in an obituary for a great lady, and when people point out that maybe that’s a teensy weensy bit tacky and rude, they try to change it without telling anyone. BUSTED!

And speaking of busted, the piece goes on:

Know this about the writer: Judging by her Twitter account, it appears she loathes the Republican party and also appears to have affinity for one female Democratic presidential candidate in particular going back years to her time at Politico. Just how she got the official nod to reflect on the life of Nancy Reagan by the powers that be at the Washington Post is an utter mystery.

So that’s where we are now, folks: Even obituary writers for major publications are hopelessly biased. To that end, here’s some other touching thoughts from Romano later in the column:

But the glamour soon was seen as ostentation during a steep recession. After complaining that the White House residential quarters were in disrepair, and noting that she could find no set of matching china in the place, Mrs. Reagan turned to affluent friends to raise funds for $800,000 in renovations and $200,000 of new china.

Although no public money was spent, these two expenditures became symbols of her excesses and attitudes. A flamboyant trip to England for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana six months into the administration, during which she attended 15 glossy events in five days, gave her detractors more fuel. …

Welcome to American media in 2016… where respect, class and dignity are all relics of the past.

And apparently, those three items can’t even have a temporary rebirth… even in the moments and minutes after the death of a former first lady.

My sentiments exactly! What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Some factions on the left never waste an opportunity to insult conservatives. I remember when President Reagan was in office he was hated and despised with the same level of fervor that the left now reserves for President George W. Bush. Mrs. Reagan was not spared from the vitriol of the Reagan Derangement Syndrome so rampant at the time. This insult masquerading as an obituary is further reminder that the left never forgets and never forgives any opposition to their grand plan for this country.

  2. WAPO, is a POS to be blunt. Nothing about her good works or the way she kept Reagan going all those years. Fits well with the other liberal rags, NYT, etc.

  3. And interestingly, Lynn Sweet mentioned in a “serious” news report back in 2007 about how she wished she, like her male colleague, could follow Barack Obama into the locker room at the East Bank Club. So, she wrote a snide column about Ms. Reagan, and a slobbering, cringe-inducing report that implies she wants to see Obama naked. I can’t understand why people say reporters aren’t objective!

  4. That’s a long wait. I would have loved to see it.

  5. If it’s one-tenth as fawning as most of the news coverage these two grifters get, it will a Valentine!

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