Nurse Ratched Wasn’t Going to Be the Lead Story on The Sunday Shows AGAIN


Sec. Kathleen Sebelius saw it coming. After promising repeatedly, that she and her tech wizards would have up and running just like, that is, if Jeff Bezos proudly proclaimed that 80% of shoppers would be able to log on and make a purchase, yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that the site would be down for 11 hours for “maintenance.” From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times: 

But specialists said weeks of additional work lie ahead, including a major reconfiguration of the computer hardware, if the $630 million site,, is to accommodate the expected flood of people seeking to buy health insurance. Without the additional changes, experts predict, the website may continue to crash during periods of peak use.

Beyond the prospect of potential delays for consumers, insurers warn that problems remain in the invisible “back end” that transmits enrollment information to them. That data has been plagued by inaccuracies, insurers say. Administration officials have been unwilling to disclose the error rate.

As late as Wednesday, the site still continued to slow down when 30,000 users tried to log on simultaneously, according to project specialists. A batch of hardware upgrades and software fixes scheduled for this weekend, administration officials say, will allow the site to handle 50,000 simultaneous users, as promised, by Dec. 1, which is Sunday.

The Health and Human Services Department announced that the site would be shut down for 11 hours on Friday night to put those upgrades into place, on top of the usual four-hour timeout for maintenance on Saturday night.

How can a website that has never functioned by down for “maintenance?” I guess in the same way that a letter from your health insurance company telling you that your existing policy is cancelled, and that your replacement will cost you three times as much and have a deductible at least four times higher is called a “transition letter.” Remember, one of the biggest tools in the leftist toolbox is the use of Orwellian language.

Ms. Sebelius knew that “tea bagger” (the vulgar term used by the Left, including their leader B. Hussein, to refer to anyone who opposes their attempts to “transform” our country) bloggers would be poised at midnight to post screen captures of this multi-million dollar fiasco crashing. Worse, guys like ABC’s Jonathan Karl would also be trumpeting her failure on tomorrow’s Sunday shows.

The fallacy of all of this brouhaha over this website is that the problem with Obama’s health care scheme has NOTHING to do with its problems. It is a reminder of the foolishness of entrusting the federal government with one-sixth of our economy, but the real issue is that this mother of all income and wealth redistribution rackets will destroy the health care system that 85% of Americans found quite satisfactory.


  1. The ‘nuances’ of The Affordable Care Act require a person with ‘gravitas’ to ‘deem’ it ‘settled science’: “QUAGMIRE!” I recall the argument against waterboarding was it violates who we are as a people- unlike death panels.

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