VIDEO: “Lassitude, Passivity and Annoyance” Obama Approach to ISIS

It’s official. Everyone who saw the clinic on delusion that Obama put on for a stunned world realizes that his approach to ISIS is very wrong and very dangerous.

Those are the words that Charles Krauthammer used to describe it. Another commentator mentioned in this segment said “shameful.” The Washington Post said “peevish” and “petulant.” Joe Scarborough chose “disconnected from reality.” Mark Halperin of Bloomberg, trying to be kind, said “baffling.”

Watch the gang from Morning Joe review the universal condemnation from across the ideological spectrum of the Jackass-in-Chief.

Note to the panel at MS-NBC: OF COURSE Obama shows more passion when discussing his opposition to Republicans than he is when discussing that “JV team,” ISIS. As Joe Scarborough notes, there is great irony that Obama said he doesn’t want to “pose” on terror, when his bombing campaign against ISIS is nothing but posing!

Suggestion: if you are a professor of psychiatry, use this press conference to demonstrate what narcissistic personality disorder looks like.

More reaction to this bizarre charade:

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Amanpour, CNN Analysts Rip Obama on ISIS: ‘The Strategy Is Not Working’ (even the crew at CNN gets it!)

This fiasco reminds me of one of my favorite questions. To those of you who voted for this clown, whose actions were 100% predictable at least 15 years ago, are you proud of yourselves?

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