Obama Beats a Speedy Exit from the “Good” War

Last night the narcissistic, affirmative-action assisted empty suit elected by the American Idol and Oprah audiences in 2008 read another one of his vapid, platitude-ridden speeches, and somehow managed to appear even more disconnected and tone deaf than usual. He mentioned himself about a dozen times, but never mentioned General David Petraeus once. There was no explanation of how his plan to beat a hasty retreat from Afghanistan would improve America’s national security, ensure that the tremendous sacrifices made by our troops and their families were not in vain, or otherwise accomplish any important objective. We did learn that the “tide of war” is just like rise of the oceans. The One has calmed them both. Seriously, isn’t it time that this guy get some new writers? The twenty-something acolytes who write this drivel are running out of clichés.

The dead behind the eyes, self-absorbed performance aside, the real mystery is how Barack Obama came up with this brilliant plan to undo the surge by next summer. Hint: it may have less to do with national security, and a teensy weensy bit more to do with next year’s presidential election. From the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times):

The troop reductions, which were decided after a short but fierce internal debate, will be both deeper and faster than the recommendations made by Mr. Obama’s military commanders, and they will come as the president faces relentless budget pressures, an increasingly restive American public and a re-election campaign next year.

The pace of the withdrawal is a setback for the president’s top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David H. Petraeus, who has been named director of the Central Intelligence Agency. General Petraeus did not endorse the decision, said another official. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates argued publicly against a too-hasty withdrawal of troops, but he said in a statement on Wednesday that he supported Mr. Obama’s decision.

During the internal debate, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also expressed reservations about the scale of the reductions, officials said.

General Petraeus had recommended limiting withdrawals to 5,000 troops this year and another 5,000 over the winter.

I guess I understand now why he didn’t mention Gen. Petraeus. Who needs him when you’ve got Joe “3 Letter Word JOBS” Biden?

With a straight face, Barack Obama told us that we need to “live within our means” while we do “national building” here at home. Wasn’t that what the $800 billion “stimulus” package that he insisted on in February 2009 was all about? Why must this man continue to insult our intelligence? Say it loud, say proud, Barry. This military stuff is just a distraction from your mission to “remake” America, and its taking money that could be better spent on more food stamps and generous benefits from “Barack’s stash.”

That sound you heard last night was thousands of jihadists celebrating their pending victory over the Great Satan. I fear that 2012 Retreat Summer will work out about as well as 2010’s “Recovery Summer.”


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