Obama Brand in “Product Limbo,” and Rep. Joe Walsh: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Shortly after the death of Elvis Presley in August, 1977, author Steve Dunleavy released a book entitled“Elvis: What Happened?” Now that Barack Obama has ditched his Made-in-Canada Darth Vader bus, along with the faux corn pone routine he adopted for his foray into Hayseedland, for what has to be a more comfortable locale for him, the haven of wealthy liberals, Martha’s Vineyard, we’ll try to answer the question that continues to have liberal Obama cultists tied in knots: what happened to the Obama brand? The 2008 winner of Ad Age Magazine’s “Marketer of the Year” award, which incompetent, affirmative-action assisted airhead and former social secretary Desiree Rogers called the “best brand on Earth” in 2009, and which was once the coolest, hippest trademark on the planet, has entered what the Harvard Business Review calls “product limbo.” How can this be?

No doubt our special guest, the clear-thinking, and plain-speaking congressman from Illinois’ 8th District, Rep. Joe Walsh will have some thoughts about the Obama administration’s sinking poll numbers and its many accomplishments, including a thirty percent increase in the national debt. We’ll also get his take, and yours, about the latest act of lawlessness from our Dear Reader, a back door amnesty that effectively enacts the DREAM Act rejected by our elected representatives. What does he make of the embarrassment that is Illinois democrats’ redistricting? Has he chosen a presidential candidate to support in 2012? We’ll try to find out.

There’s new information on a story that we first talked about in March, the Department of Justice’s boneheaded Operation Fast and Furious, in which federal officials looked the other way as guns made their way into Mexico in the hands of criminals. Eventually, one of those guns was involved in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. Now, as we learn that some of these guns have been recovered in at 11 violent crime scenes in the United States, the Justice Department is stonewalling. Are the recent promotions of several of the supervisors of this ill-advised scheme part of a coverup?

Because I watch so you don’t have to, I’ll share an exchange, broadcast in virtual secrecy on an obscure network with microscopic ratings, in which two silly, self-important liberals, expose their blatant, patronizing racism.

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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