Obama on Brexit: It’s Xenophobia (Read Racism)

Barack Obama did an interview with NPR on Monday, and had a few choice words, including “xenophobia,” about Brexit, the British people’s decision to leave the European Union.

Watch at ~1:21 when Obama explains how the U.S. economy has recovered. Hey, Jackass, I do the comedy!

Fear of “funny looking people?” Seriously, if that were true, how in the hell did you get elected?

Obama is echoing all of what the Washington Free Beacon calls “our media betters,” in this story, which lists all the media weasels and silly comedians who share his opinion about the mouth-breathing, unsophisticated dolts who don’t want to see their countries destroyed by an invasion from the Third World. (Yes, I’m looking at you–and me.)

Recall Christiane Amanpour’s rant.

Here’s a compilation:

According to this bunch, if you want to protect national security, you are a racist, a bigot, in the lexicon of the ignorant millennials, a “hater,” (watch some hilarious video of some of them here) an idiot paralyzed by irrational fear. Are you sick of this elitist P.C. crap, designed purely for political purposes?


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