Obama To Bring The Hammer Down On Israel? Obama/Kerry To Strong Arm Israel

By Guest Contributor J.D. Longstreet
Now that Obama’s amateurish foreign policy efforts have managed to repel most any friend we had left in the Middle East, the one friend America has had, since at least 1948, is in his cross hairs.  Israel.Obama is in deep trouble at home.  Indications are that he has led his Democratic Party into a political abattoir as they are looking at a political massacre in November at the polls.   Around the world he is seen, more and more, as an amateur, a light weight, a — dare I say it– a flake (as in “an oddball”).  He is considered wonderfully gifted as an orator — and not much else. As a campaigner he’s great.  As a governor, not so much. 

It’s called “misdirection.”  It’s what magicians do with their left hand while their right hand is actually performing the mechanics of the the illusion, or trick.  Politicians use misdirection all the time.

Presidents have been known to misdirect the voters gaze to a fabricated crisis, preferably thousands of miles away, when they find themselves in hot water here at home.   Their hope is that the press will latch onto the seeming  “big story/crisis” and allow them some time — and some wiggle room — to extricate themselves from the aforementioned hot water.

In my opinion, we are about to see misdirection played out right before our eyes once again by the Obama administration. Misdirection is time honored.  It was referred to as “bread and circuses” by the ancient Romans.

So, what’s up?


See, Israel is just not doing as it is told by Obama.   Benjamin Netanyahu is no fool.  He is also no lackey.  He’s his own man and he insists on remaining that way.
Sometime in January, Obama will present a framework agreement to the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians.  Middle East experts are of the opinion Obama intends to ratchet up the pressure on Netanyahu already under considerable pressure from the world community due to his disagreement with the “deal” the US is endeavoring to make with Iran to bar the Persians from creating their own nuclear arsenal.Secretary of State, John F. Kerry said recently:  “If we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, there will be an increasing campaign of delegitimization of Israel that’s been taking place on an international basis.” — SOURCE: http://www.timesofisrael.com/its-going-to-get-bad-fast-between-israel-and-the-us/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Already, the threats. Could this be Obama taking the Chicago method of practicing politics international, explicitly to pummel Israel into submitting to the Obama Regime’s demands?  Sure seems like it.

Obama does not JUST desire a deal between the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians, he desperately NEEDS it.  He COVETS a win to crow about. Something to polish away some of the tarnish applied by his own lies and inability to govern.

“He’s so wounded,” said influential Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal, referring to Obama. “It’s very scary. Look, the 2014 elections are going to begin. Within two months they’re going to start campaigning. Thirty-nine members of his own party in the House have already moved away from him on Obamacare. That’s scary for him.” — SOURCE:  http://www.timesofisrael.com/its-going-to-get-bad-fast-between-israel-and-the-us/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

So — why all the fuss?  Because the lefties in the mainstream media, as good little lapdogs of the Obama Regime, feel they must circle their wagons around Obama and pull out all the stops to make him look good (AGAIN!) — especially now that it is clear the public has rejected his presidency and will toss his political party out on its ear in a few short months.  (And the media wonders why people don’t read their newspapers and magazines, anymore — and don’t watch their TV news channels, anymore!  Geez!  How DUMB is that?)

Netanyahu has already stated, flat out, that whether or not any talks have a chance at success depends upon the Palestinians accepting that Israel has a right to actually exist.  The Palestinians want to discuss which state would get Jerusalem, the removal of Israeli settlements from land the Palestinians already claim as theirs, and the “right of return” of so-called Palestinian refugees.

Consider this:  If the Palestinians are granted “right of return” for those so-called refugees, there will be a tsunami of those so-called Palestinian refugees diluting the Israeli population to the point that the Israelis will be choked off, smothered, and neutralized, losing control of their country by losing control of their government at the ballot box as a result of the sheer weight of the numbers of Palestinians who would gain the positions of power within the Israeli government. 

Our amateurish President is playing with fire, once again. He has managed to alienate practically all the Middle Eastern nations even those who grudgingly agreed to work with the US in diplomacy over the past forty or fifty years.

So when the question arises in the future as to who lost the Middle East for America, the resounding answer will be Obama.

Strong arming Israel, as a form of misdirection, will not work for Obama.  Entirely too many Americans support Israel for that method to have any chance, at all. Using Israel in a wag-the-dog scenario is a nonstarter.

But they’ll continue to throw themselves at a problem that is unsolvable by man.   It s pure vanity. As the Preacher of the Old Testament stated ages ago:  “… and behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind.”  (Ecclesiastes 1: 14)

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. OH YEAH?! Israel at least as it is run, by Zion globalists, has been playing with us and other nations. And the petrodollar, a result of the Zion run Federal Reserve, is crashing. THE RESULT…worldwide economic collapse, panic in the streets…the NEW WORLD ORDER! And all b/c of our p*** poor foreign and monetary policies. Check out this video from Brother Nathanael… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpJmk7Q_vw4

  2. Thanks for comment, my good friend. It is very interesting that Saudi and Israel’s interests align.

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