Obama Crony Awarded Contract Worth Nearly $200,000 to Help FDA Keep Track of Tweets

Is this sort of thing really necessary when we are $17T in debt? From Politico:

The FDA is asking a company led by a former Obama campaign hand to analyze its Twitter and Facebook presence, and some critics are questioning the wisdom of the potential $180,000 tab at a time when agencies are living with sequester cuts.

The agency, which oversees food and drug safety, as well as tobacco regulation, wants to know whether its social media campaigns are well-received or falling flat.

The competitively bid contract, posted publicly Wednesday, was awarded to IB5k, a company co-founded in 2009 by Dan Beckmann, a new-media aide to President Barack Obama’s first campaign for the White House. The first year of the contract is worth an estimated $43,000, with options to extend the deal up to four more years bringing the total potential value to $182,000.

Seriously? The FDA’s mission is to make sure that medications are safe and effective, not whether its tweets are.

Gee, you don’t suppose any of this social media “effectiveness” will have anything to do with getting the wet-behind-the-ears clueless children who support the Clown-in-Chief to embrace his health care scheme? Is that too cynical?


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