Obama Daughters Enjoy Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Show Notes 3-31-13

Thanks to our guest, Professor Gary Wolfram of Hillsdale College, and congratulations to him on the terrific book, A Capitalist Manifesto.

NetGalley Catalog (link to Professor Wolfram’s book–don’t miss it!)

Exclusive: Judicial Watch Investigating Cost of Sasha, Malia Bahamas Trip

Sasha and Malia Obama ‘Learn What They Live’ | Jeannie-ology

Exclusive: Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Resort

Chuck Grassley writing alternative Senate gun bill – John Bresnahan and Manu Raju – POLITICO.com

Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward – The Hill (mark my words: these “studies” on the causes of gun violence will be used to justify more infringements on our rights)

The ‘40 Percent’ Myth – John Lott – National Review Online (This myth has been completely debunked, but that doesn’t stop Barack Obama and his PR flacks from repeating it. Shame on YOU. Barack Obama for using murdered children to try to promote your leftwing agenda.)

Business and labor strike deal on low-skilled worker program for immigration bill – The Washington Post

TSA fires 4 screeners, suspends dozens in wake of probe at Newark Liberty airport | NJ.com (Ironic-Newark Mayor Cory Booker asks on ABC’s “This Week,” What if TSA didn’t screen flyers?)

Records: Evan Ebel told prison guard she would ‘beg for her life’ – CNN.com (an alleged straw purchaser was arrested in the case of the murder of the Colorado prison chief, and she could get 16 years in prison. Wait …I thought we needed more laws against “straw purchasers.”)

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