Obama, Gangsta in Chief, Poised to Defy Federal Court on Amnesty

Is There No End to Obama’s Stunning Lawlessness? Leaked DHS memo says he plans to defy Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction forbidding the Regime from unilaterally enacting increased amnesty.

From The Hill:

Last June, four months after Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen’s order to freeze President’s DAPA and Expanded DACA programs—disclosure: the Immigration Reform Law Institute has filed briefs in these cases—DHS’s immigration policy makers apparently held a “Regulations Retreat” to discuss “different options” for “open market Employment Authorization Document (EAD) regulatory changes.” EAD is the statutory term for work permits. From a memo recording these discussions, we now know that the Obama DHS has, rather than pausing to allow the courts to assess the constitutionality of its enforcement nullification initiatives, been gearing up to roll out one or more of four plans drawn up at the meeting, each one designed to provide EADs to millions of nonimmigrants, including those lawfully present and visa overstayers, crippling the actual employment-based visa system on the federal statute-book.

You see how this works? A federal judge brings the hammer down on this lawless regime, and they proceed to merrily scheme on how to defy him.

The internal memo reveals four options of varying expansiveness, with option 1 providing EADs to “all individuals living in the United States”, including illegal aliens, visa-overstayers, and H-1B guest-workers, while option 4 provides EADs only to those on certain unexpired non-immigrant visas. Giving EADs to any of the covered individuals, however, is in direct violation of Congress’s Immigration & Nationality Act and works to dramatically subvert our carefully wrought visa system.  (emphasis mine)
As mentioned, the first plan the memo discusses basically entails giving EADs to anyone physically present in the country who until now has been prohibited from getting one. A major positive to this option, the memo reads, is that it would “address the needs of some of the intended deferred action population.” Although DHS doesn’t say it expressly, included here would be those 4.3 million people covered by the president’s DAPA and Expanded DACA programs whose benefits were supposed to have been halted in the Hanen decision. On top of working around the Hanen injunction, this DHS plan would also dole out unrestricted EADs to those on temporary non-immigrant visas, such as H-1B-holders (their work authorizations being tied to their employers) and another 5 to 6 million illegal aliens thus far not covered by any of the President’s deferred action amnesty programs. By claiming absolute authority to grant work authorization to any alien, regardless of status, DHS is in effect claiming it can unilaterally de-couple the 1986 IRCA work authorization statutes from the main body of U.S. visa law. While DHS must still observe the statutory requirements for issuing visas, the emerging doctrine concedes, the administration now claims unprecedented discretionary power to permit anyone inside our borders to work.

The bare-faced, brazen tyranny of this Marxist demagogue is beyond belief. Back in 2012 his spokes imbecile Dan “Lumpy Rutherford” Pfeiffer enunciated the slogan that captures everything you need to know about the Obama administration: “the law is irrelevant.” No Marxist would have any qualms about crapping all over the Constitution and rule of law when the objective is as important as “remaking” racist, imperialistic America, and delivering well-deserved and long overdue payback.

Whether it’s the illegal alien invasion, the importation of Muslim “refugees,” the release of “non violent” drug felons, the wrecking ball for the suburbs, or the war on law enforcement, the ends justify the means.

Let me ask again: are you fed up yet? What are you going to do about it?


  1. Laurence, you are SOO right, my smart friend. As I noted here, Sen. Cruz has mentioned the Supreme Court, which is a CRITICAL issue! He said: The U.S. is “one justice away” from a liberal Supreme Court causing enough damage for the nation to become unrecognizable, Texas Republican Ted Cruz said Friday. “One more liberal justice and our right to keep and bear arms is taken away from us by an activist court. One more liberal justice and they begin sandblasting and bulldozing veterans memorials throughout this country. One more liberal justice and we lose our sovereignty to the United Nations and the World Court,” Cruz said when responding to how he would treat appointing justices to the court. – See more at: http://teriobrien.com/as-if-three-major-reasons-not-to-vote-for-hillary-clinton/#sthash.rd4CGxha.dpuf

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