Obama Gets His “Oklahoma City” Moment

On Monday, I tweeted that I enjoyed Barack Obama’s moment of silence so much, that I hope he will continue it for the next two years. No such luck. In the most shocking news we’ve heard since the stunning revelation that democrats will use the Tucson tragedy to call for more pointless gun control, yesterday we learned that on Wednesday, the same day that the House was to take up the repeal of the democrats’ hideous scheme to destroy our health care system, Barack Obama will drag his both his TelePrompTer and the First Clodhopper down to Tucson to have what so many democrat operatives have been praying to Gaia for: his “Oklahoma City” moment. And unlike the revolution, kids, great news: it will be televised!

From USA Today:

President Obama’s first extended comments on the Tucson shooting will come in prime time on Wednesday.
The University of Arizona has announced that the president will speak during a memorial service at 6 p.m. — 9 p.m. back in the East.

We can only hope that Obama’s operatives won’t drag some of the victims of the homicidal nutcase pothead out of the hospital to use as props in what is sure to be a thoroughly nauseating event on two levels: (1) the TelePrompTer tennis match itself and (2) the slobbering commentary from the Obama apparatchiks in the LSM (Lame Stream Media), expressing their astonishment and admiration over his eloquence, his brilliance, his ability to heal …is there anything he can’t do? Can there be anything more revolting than watching this bunch lick each other like a bunch of newborn puppies? If there is, I don’t think anyone should have to experience it.

As we discussed on last Sunday’s show, and what you all knew anyway, the Left is up to its old tricks, exploiting the latest crisis to advance “the agenda,” including silencing and disarming their opposition, otherwise known as 75% of the American public.

Isn’t it a tad ironic that last week, when House Speaker Boehner and his fellow U.S. Constitution fetishists insisted on reading that archaic and irrelevant work product of those evil dead, European white men, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords chose as her part to read the First Amendment?

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