Obama Grants Back Door Amnesty to Illegal “Children” Up to Age 30

That didn’t take long. From the Washington Times:

TheObama administration said Friday it will stop deporting most illegal immigrant students and young adults in a campaign-year move that escalates the immigration debate to the fore.

For years theadministration had said it didn’t have the authority to make such a move, saying it couldn’t decide to stop deporting wide categories of people on its own without approval fromCongress.

But on Friday Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she now interprets the law to give her this discretion.

Shazam! What a difference a few months makes! From The Huffington Post piece, entitled “Obama Administration Sets Deportation Record:”

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the top Republican on the House committee overseeing immigration, announced a bill in June that would block the president from using his executive powers to halt any deportations — even though Obama has said repeatedly he would not do so.

At the same time, prominent immigration advocates argue Obama’s deportation policies could drive away Latino voters, who largely support paths to citizenship for the some 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants who are already in the country.

In August, senior administration officials tried to appease critics on the left by announcing a new deportation policy that would take family and community ties of undocumented immigrants into account when determining whether they should be removed from the United States.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said after the announcement that the agency would continue to deport a consistent number of unauthorized immigrants, but the deportation figures would include a larger number of immigrants who have committed serious crimes.

“The numbers are going to be very robust in terms of numbers of removal — we don’t fool around about this,” Napolitano said on Aug. 30 at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. “Our border enforcement is second to none.”

It’s not a coincidence, of course, that the Obama administration is doing this end-run around Congress in an election year. Prepare for the members of the Obama campaign apparatus who are not on the payroll, sometimes called “journalists,” to bring up this plan in the upcoming election debates. For months, they have been reporting on mascots to use to hammer Mitt Romney, an endless parade of valedictorians who also work two jobs and tutor blind children. The latest is the case of Heydi Mejia, which was fairly high-profile in the swing state of Virginia, ANOTHER valedictorian brought to the U.S. as a toddler, and scheduled to be deported:

She would graduate from Meadowbrook High School on Friday, her blue gown decorated with awards from the National Honor Society, the school’s AP program and the Virginia governor.

She was scheduled to be deported to Guatemala a few days later.

In the election-year debate over immigration reform, the situation Mejia is in has become one of the most debated of all. What should the United States do with illegal immigrants who come to the country as children, grow up here, break no laws and want to remain? In Mejia’s case, what should be done with an illegal immigrant who came to the country at age 4; who speaks better English than Spanish; who wants to attend Randolph-Macon College in Virginia and become a nurse; whose knowledge about modern Guatemala comes in part from what she’s read on Wikipedia?…

But what happens when you’re ranked No. 22 at a suburban high school outside Richmond, where politicians haven’t responded to your calls and school officials aren’t sure whether to spell your name Heydi or Heidi?

No worries, Heydi. The One has waived his wand, and all those mean laws can’t touch you, and approximately a million other “youngsters” up to age 30 who are entitled to violate our laws.

The Heydi Mejia’s of the world are illustrations of the truth of an adage familiar to all lawyers: Hard cases make bad law.

This “bold” move by B. Hussein raises several questions; specifically, how many members of MS-13, hit and run drunk drivers and similar miscreants who are in the country illegally there are for every Heydi Meija? Is this move a sign of desperation on the part of the Obama campaign? Did the Obama administration just co-opt Sen. Marco Rubio’s idea for immigration reform in a brilliant election year move? If Mitt nominates Sen. Rubio will he be accused of shameless pandering to Hispanic voters? Is Sen. Rubio an Article II “natural born citizen?” If not then what?


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