More Good News: Obama is Never Going Away

Obama isn’t going away even after he left office. Of course he isn’t! Not to be a downer, but it’s not like you didn’t know that, right?


From PJ Media:

President Obama told a Bay Area fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee last week that he intends to stay “very active in the public life of this country” after leaving office.

Speaking at the home of former state controller Steve Westly in Atherton, Calif., Obama was greeted early in the brunch reception by a shout of “four more years.”

“Oh, no, definitely not. Not only is there a constitutional provision, but more importantly, Michelle would kill me,” Obama quipped.

“But there’s so much more to do, so many more laws we’d like to pass and administrative actions that need to be taken. But, on the other hand, there was great satisfaction because we could look back on where we were when we came into office and take enormous pride in the way in which not simply this administration, but the country rose up from extraordinarily difficult times.”

The president added later that he’s “not going to be on the ballot again, ever in my life.”

“Our obligations don’t go away just because my name is not on the ballot,” Obama continued. “It is just as important, we have to be just as passionate about making sure that progress is sustained. And what that requires is that we win back the Senate of the United States so that Democrats are able to move forward the agendas that we care about so deeply. It means that we make progress in winning back the House so that California’s own Nancy Pelosi can once again be Speaker of the House. And it means that we make sure that a Democrat replaces me in the White House to carry on the legacy that we’re pushing forward.”

Will we have to see this jackass do his NCAA brackets every spring for decades to come, even after he leaves office? God help us!

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  1. NFW will Obama have any power out of office, If he does, then we are doomed .

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