Obama Justice Department to Release Edited Transcripts of Orlando Terrorist & 911

As we told you on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, Attorney General Loretta Lynch appeared on several Sunday shows, and said that her Justice Department will release transcripts of the Orlando terrorist talking to 911 responders during his murderous rampage. What are the taking out? Any reference to Islamic terrorism-NATCH!

The ostensible reason is that she doesn’t want to “revictimize” anyone. Huh? Leftist speak for “we don’t want to make it anymore obvious that we stand with our fellow oppressed brothers, Muslims, who have suffered just like blacks and other minorities in racist Amerika.” Is it just me, or do you also see the irony in someone who is actively enabling the rolling Islamic terror machine with this politically correct clap trap claiming she doesn’t want to “revictimize” anyone? This from the woman who immediately after the Islamic terror attack in San Bernardino vowed to go after NOT the terrorists, but anyone who said anything offensive to Muslims.

Like Obama, she doesn’t want it to be so obvious that even the average low-information democrat voter will understand what should be obvious; that is, that the Official Story of the “self-radicalized” “lone wolf” who engages in “violent extremism” that has NOTHING to do with Islam, is baloney. It’s not going to help keep that narrative going if people hear this Islamic lunatic telling 911 operators right in the middle of his murder spree that he pledges his loyalty to ISIS and other Islamist groups, and that he is committing jihad.

Whether it’s Obama’s refusal to accurately characterize the cause for the murders of innocent Americans, the installation of a woman who says 9/11 was a good thing in the Department of Homeland Security, or the purging of language “offensive” to Muslims from training materials used by law enforcement, how much evidence to people need before they connect the dots?

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