Obama Knows Vote Fraud Exists Because of the 1982 Illinois Governor’s Race

But, of course, that didn’t stop him from lying about it yesterday, saying that vote fraud is “fake news” during his final press conference yesterday.


As I have noted many times over the last ten years, Obama rose, sweet-smelling and dry, from the stinking slough of corruption that produced disgraced and imprisoned former governor Rod Blagojevich and numerous other politicians. Vote fraud is the Chicago way!

Barack Obama arrived in Chicago in 1982, the very same year of an Illinois governor’s race that resulted in 63 people being convicted of federal vote fraud.

From Hans A. von Spakovsky, writing for at Heritage.org (Footnotes to all sources are in the piece):

In 1982, Illinois was the setting for “a hotly con­tested” gubernatorial race between Democratic Senator Adlai Stevenson III, son of former governor and presidential hopeful Adlai Stevenson II, and Republican James Thompson. “Big Jim” Thomp­son, the incumbent, was “a 15-point favorite going into the voting”; and yet on election day, Adlai Stevenson came within 5,074 votes of capturing the governorship out of 3.67 million votes cast statewide-a 0.14 percent margin. Stevenson had carried Chicago by 3 to 1, with a winning margin of 469,000 votes, although Thompson won 60 percent of the vote in the rest of the state.

After the results were in, Stevenson immediately filed suit, contesting the results of the election and asking for a recount. He conceded defeat only when the Illinois Supreme Court two months later rejected his request for a statewide recount.

Stevenson claimed there was evidence of voter fraud in areas of the state outside of Chicago. Although those claims “did not pan out,” it was clear that “the prospect of a close [judicial] look at the conduct of voting in Chicago did not please many of Chicago’s Democratic kingpins, already under pressure because of the federal [criminal] investigation of charges of vote fraud in the [1982] election.…” For that reason, “many committeemen privately had expressed a hope that Stevenson would lose his bid for a recount.”

Both campaigns had complained to the FBI, but the federal investigation was really sparked by a party worker from Chicago’s 39th Ward who was upset by his precinct captain’s broken promise to award him a city job for his participation in the vote fraud. The worker told a Chicago newspaper, and then the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, “what he knew about vote fraud in that precinct.”

Good reporting by the local media helped fuel the investigation. One wire story concerned “a man listed as voting at a Skid Row precinct in the 27th Ward [who] had been dead for more than two years.” He was listed as living at the Arcade Hotel, and his signature was among those of 47 other voters listed as living at the hotel. However, the “[o]perators and residents of the hotel told the Sun-Times that 41 of the 47 people did not reside at the Arcade.”

In its reporting, the Chicago Tribune discovered that the supposed home address of three voters in the 17th Precinct of the 27th Ward was a vacant lot. The paper also discovered that votes had been cast for seven residents of a nursing home who denied having voted-their signatures on the ballot applications were all forgeries. In fact, one resident had no fingers or thumbs with which to write a sig­nature.The fraud was so blatant that the resident without fingers or thumbs “was counted as having voted twice by the end of the day.” Not surpris­ingly, Stevenson easily won the 17th Precinct, by a margin of 282 to 30.

Like all lying democrat politicians from Illinois, Obama knows these facts. He was there, and he knows he was lying yesterday when he said allegations of vote fraud have been “constantly disproven.” For those who don’t know the game, let me break it down. The reasons that democrats don’t want voter ID is because they want their operatives to vote FOR these dead people, winos and imaginary friends. That’s also why they hate the Electoral College; that is, because it makes it harder to know where to cheat.

Obama tipped his hand a bit yesterday when he repeated his frequent whine that the problem in America is that no enough people vote. Precisely, and he and other democrats have the cure for that. They will send their operatives to vote for them. Requiring that pesky photo ID throws a monkey wrench in these plans.

Now you know, and to be an informed citizen, you have to know stuff. You’re welcome.

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