Obama: 2nd Amendment and Legal Gun Ownership The Problem

During his Saturday NATO press conference in Warsaw, Barack Obama once again blamed guns and citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights as reason for tension between police and people in the communities they protect.

2nd Amendment


Listen: Obama blames legal gun for Minnesota police shooting

Barack Obama pays lip service to respecting your 2nd Amendment rights, but the fact is he does not. For most of his political career, he admitted that he did not believe that the Constitution provides us with an individual right to keep and bear arms. (Of course, even if he did appreciate that our right was in there, since he has very little use for that precious founding charter, not that it would matter much, but for what it’s worth.) Prof. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, who has appeared several times on The Teri O’Brien Show, told us that when he and were colleagues at the University of Chicago, Obama told him so, and even sniffed, turned his back and silently walked away when Prof. Lott suggested that they discuss the issue.

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He hasn’t changed his views one bit. As you can hear in this clip from Saturday’s presser, right at the beginning, he says “”In Minneapolis, we don’t know yet what happened, but we do know that there was a gun in the car that apparently was licensed, but it caused in some fashion those tragic events. So, no, we can’t just ignore that and pretend that’s somehow political or the president pushing his policy agenda.”

So, once again, the gun, an inanimate object, not the actions of Philandro Castile, or the police officer, or any other person, but the GUN, and be extension, the 2nd Amendment is the problem.

Get ready to hear more of this sort of liberal blather when Obama inflicts himself on the memorial service for the fallen police officers in Dallas tomorrow.



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