Obama, Victim-in-Chief, Mistaken for a Valet? No Way. Now a Busboy in a Chop Suey House …

With his last election behind him, not only has Obama become more lawless than anyone could have imagined. He and his repellent wife have gone into full racial victim mode.

Now that his last election is behind him, all that phoney yip yap Obama was trying to sell prior to November 2012, about not being president of black America, but being president of the United States of America is out the window. The Obamas have gone into full racial victim mode. Of course they have! It’s his golden ticket. Where would he be without his ability to exploit white guilt? You know the answer: back on a Chicago street corner with his clipboard and bull horn. Remember?

I’m not sure I buy Obama’s latest example of how he, a beneficiary of affirmative-action and every other benefit guilty whites have been able to bestow on mediocre minority types like him, has been victimized by racism, the story about being mistaken for a valet. If he had said he was mistaken for a bus boy in a Chinese restaurant, I might have been convinced. How could we not be after seeing this photo?

Boy, I need to send telegram to President of United States.

Boy, I need to send telegram to President of United States.




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