Disgraceful: Obama Wants Big Pay Raise for Minimum Wage Workers, Lower One for Our Military


I’ll say it again. You can’t make this stuff up. What should we expect when we have a crypto-Commie with contempt for the Constitution and a genuine loathing of our military masquerading as Commander-in-Chief? From The Navy Times, White House pushes for lower pay raise in 2015:

The White House is moving ahead with plans for another slimmed-down pay raise for troops in 2015, and outside advocates still aren’t happy about it.

Late Friday, President Obama formally notified Congress that he wants to cap next year’s military basic pay raise at 1 percent, unless Congress comes up with an alternative mandate.

This is the second consecutive August that Obama has announced plans to offer service members a pay hike that would lag behind anticipated private-sector wage growth. The 2014 pay raise was 1 percent, as well. Those are the lowest basic pay raises since the dawn of the all-volunteer era in 1973.

Like all leftists, this guy has never seen a “social welfare” rathole that he doesn’t want to stuff with our money. We can facilitate the importation of thousands of “children” from 3rd world countries who have invaded our public schools burdening local taxpayers with the cost of educating them. In addition, there are exploding food stamps rolls, “Obama” phones, Medicaid expansions to redress the inherent unfairness of hard working people having better health care than bums, baby mommas and their sperm donors and other members of his coalition of the freeloaders, it never ends. But money for those corpsemen? PULEEZE! What are you thinking, Bitter Clinger!


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