Obama Mouthpieces Stumble on “Are You Better Off?” Show Notes: 9/2/12

Barack and Moochelle Obama claim that they didn’t watch GOP convention, yet, in another “do as I say, not as I do” moment, her Royal Wideness tells Letterman that we all should watch.

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the constraints of time, we didn’t get to talk about the other “fact” that the “fact checkers” are getting wrong, Paul Ryan’s reference in this acceptance speech to the shuttering of a GM plant in Janesville, WI. More on that here, and on tomorrow’s Special Edition of the Teri O’Brien Show.

Liberal Mickey Kaus points out that, once again, the Official Story is not true. Romney campaign ad claiming that Obama quietly gutted welfare reform true.

NYT proves Romney right on welfare | The Daily Caller

Obama’s misleading welfare ad | The Daily Caller

From our terrific special guest, investigative journalist/author, Richard Miniter. Please check out his great book, which contains fascinating revelations about Obama’s puppet master, Chicago power broker Valerie Jarrett.

Amazon.com: Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him (9781250016102): Richard Miniter: Books

Clint’s Speaks to Truth to Power, as in an Empty Chair, Filling in for the Empty Suit

I thought Clint Eastwood was terrific, and any doubts I had were assauged when I heard the Left’s reaction. When they squeal like stuck pigs, we know we’ve hit the target.

Clint Eastwood speech: ‘disaster’ – POLITICO.com

Roger Ebert: Eastwood speech was ‘sad’ – POLITICO.com (I’ll bet yellow makes this guy “sad” too)

Normal voters like the Eastwood performance that pundits panned | WashingtonExaminer.com

The Critiquelator cracks on the absurdity of someone running on ideas that are at least 70 years old suggesting that Romney’s ideas are old, tired retreads that belong on a black and white tv. (Wait …I thought he didn’t see it.)

FLASHBACK: Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Commercial 2012 Chrysler It’s Halftime in America – YouTube (I think Obama supporters feel betrayed because this ad led them to believe that Clint is on their side. Not so much. He’s on America’s side.)

Second Amendment Update starring New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Also, Mainstream Physicians Say Supporting the 2nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder.

Obama campaign answers “are we better than we are four years ago?” accurately, as in “no.”

Chicago slimemaster/Obama Rasputin David “the Combover” Axelrod admits that their definition of economic growth is more of the same picking winners and losers and helping their cronies and mascot groups.

UPDATE: Realizing what a lousy political strategy the truth is, the Obama campaign has done a 180 on that are you better off question. Video here.

Democrats’ worst nightmare, former MA Secretary of Workforce, Jane Edmonds, praises Mitt Romney’s authenticity, his selfless leadership and his efforts to get more women in senior positions. Whole video here.

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