Obama Reassures Us No “Specific” Terrorist Threat

Obama says there’s no specific terrorist threat. I don’t know about you, but I think that means it’s time to grab all the guns and ammo you can and head for the safe room.

Remember when Obama reassured us that ISIS aka “the JV team” posed no existential threat to us RIGHT BEFORE the San Bernardino massacre?

And NINE HOURS before the Paris terrorist murders, he declared ISIS “contained.”

No Specific Terrorist Threat


  1. It doesn’t sound any more convincing this time than it did last time. In fact, in light of what happened in San Bernardino, it sounds much less convincing.There is a very specific threat and we all know what it is. The only mystery is where they will strike next.

  2. The farmers will have bumper crops spreading the load of bovine waste matter that Obama has created.
    Also, he just said that health costs are the lowest in 50 years. They do not have enough Pinocchio’s for this. How is your doctor doing. My family had to change.

    • This man’s statements are jaw-droppingly stunning. He is delusional and ideologically blinded, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that knowledgeable observers know it. He makes Bill Clinton look honest.

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