Obama on Mount Rushmore? Profs Think It’s a Winner!

From the Washington Times:

Move over former Presidents George Washington, Thomas JeffersonTheodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. A handful of professors at George Washington University said in a new survey that they’d like to add — eventually — President Obama’s face to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.

The survey is hardly scientific; The Daily Caller said The College Fix poll used a very small sample size. But the results, all the same, show that three of 10 history and political science professors — including a department chair — at the college say yes, add Mr. Obama’s sculpted face. They also advocate waiting until he’s out of office, The Daily Caller reported.

Oh c’mon, Guys! Why wait until the One is out of office! He’s earned it, just like that Nobel Prize!

I think that this story tells a lot about what’s wrong with supposed “education” today, don’t you?

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