Obama, Outraged by Hacking, Commutes Leaker Manning’s Sentence

Private Manning put lives at risk when he provided sensitive documents to Wikileaks, same organization democrats claim is a threat to our democracy.


By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40324755

But what is a threat to democracy and the release of confidential national security information compared with the misery of “Chelsea” Manning, whose gender confusion inspired such angst that “she” attempted suicide, not once, but twice? Political correctness strikes again, and this traitor, who endangered lives, wins.
Yes, Obama was moved by her transgender schtruggle (H/T Mooch), at least according to CNN, and they should know.

From The Daily Caller:

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny argued on Tuesday that President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence because the former Army private is transitioning from a man to a woman.

“I think the question this president and the White House will have to answer here, will answer, and I think it’s an important one, how much was the personal story of Chelsea Manning involved in this,” Zeleny said in a panel discussion of the White House decision.

Manning, who was formerly known as “Bradley,” was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2013 on espionage charges for stealing nearly one million classified documents and leaking them to WikiLeaks.

“The outcry from the left was so strong on this, and she’s having a difficult time in federal prison, no question, but to me that is a central question. Without that, you have to wonder if the outcome would be the same,” Zeleny continued.

“Because she transitioned?” another panelist asked.

“Exactly, because she transitioned from a man to a woman. I think all of that certainly played into this. Without that, it’s hard to imagine, I think, this president would have done that.”


Note to Edward Snowden: Have you considered slipping into a perfect little black dress and engaging your inner woman?


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