Still Confused About Which Side Obama Regime is on? Latest: Intervening on the Side of Palestinian Terrorists Against Americans


Trampling the due process rights of Americans every single day, this time to assist Palestinian terrorists

As we regularly chronicle here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, the Marxist occupying the Oval Office is completely out of control, as we knew he would be if he were re-elected, relentlessly implementing his radical agenda with no Constitutional or statutory authority.

Domestically, he has declared war on local law enforcement, the suburbs, affordable energy, and nearly everything that we hold dear, while internationally, he is working 24/7 to cut America down to size by helping to build up its enemies, most recently Iran.

In addition to facilitating Iran’s rapid induction into the nuclear club, while they scheme to purchase more intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the center of the U.S. and hold regular “Death to America” rallies, he has dramatically reduced our defenses against these weapons.

Now we learn that the Obama Regime is seriously considering intervening in a lawsuit, taking the side of Palestinian terrorists AGAINST Americans! That’s right. American citizens who won a civil case, decided by an American jury, might have the settlement that they won delayed by their own government. The case is Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization.

From Fox News:

The Obama administration has signaled it may intervene next week in a civil lawsuit in which 11 American families won a potential billion-dollar judgment from the Palestinian leadership over a series of bombings and shootings that killed or wounded dozens of U.S. citizens, a move that critics say would find the government siding with terrorists over its own citizens.

The families won a $218.5 million judgment in February after a seven-week trial in Manhattan Federal Court in which a jury found the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority were responsible for a string of attacks from 2001 to 2004 that killed 33 and injured hundreds. A 1992 law that requires damages in such cases to be tripled, as well as interest on the award, would push it to as much as $1.1 billion. The judgment, which the Palestinians are appealing, would equal nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget.

Late last month, the Department of Justice, which had previously not been involved in the 11-year-old case, informed the court it was considering filing a “statement of interest” in the case by Aug. 10, but officials would not elaborate. A source said the Department of Justice was working with the State Department on the matter. …

“The U.S. government and the DOJ should be ashamed that they are even considering telling an American court that the PLO and the PA can afford to pay convicted terrorists, but cannot afford to pay the victims of those very same terrorists,” Alan Bauer, a family member, told Fox News.

The federal jury in February found the PLO and Palestinian Authority liable over six shootings and bombings between 2002 and 2004 in the Jerusalem area, which have been attributed to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas.

In two cases, the attackers were Palestinian Authority police officers; in another, a suicide bomber was shown to have worked closely with the PA’s military intelligence office in planning the attack; and in a 2004 suicide bombing of a bus, in which 11 were killed and 50 wounded, PA police and security officials admitted to participating in the plot and making the bomb.

In each case, the Palestinian Authority paid the families of suicide bombers and those later jailed for their participation in the attack.

Let me suggest, Mr. Bauer, that it is impossible to shame or embarrass the Obama Regime.

For at least 8 years, I have been telling you that Obama is a Jew hater, which is not exactly a brilliant insight, given his long relationships with the likes of anti-American, anti-Israel Rashid Khalidi (will we ever get to see that video of Obama praising this character that the propagandists at the Los Angeles Times have kept locked up?) and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

This is also a good opportunity to mention that this is the same administration that traded 5 Taliban commanders for a deserter, and invited the Muslim Brotherhood into our White House.

I’ll say it again. If you voted for Obama, this is what you voted for, and it was all perfectly foreseable long before he announced he was running in 2007. If you know anyone who will still admit supporting this clown, please ask him if he is proud of himself, and let me know what he says. I am very interested.


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