Obama Regime Uses Public Schools to Promote Illegals “DREAMER” Amnesty

Do you think the public schools, that you pay massive property taxes to support, exist to educate children? Not in Obama’s America, where their mission is promote his lawless amnesty for illegal aliens in advance of the 2016 election.

As we have discussed frequently here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, the Obama Regime and its democrat fellow travelers, are desperate to change the demographics of this country by importing as many poor, desperate, low-skilled people here as possible, and making sure that they vote, whether they are legally allowed to or not. That’s what the jihadist highway for Syrian “refugees” and the One’s lawless amnesty is all about. Yesterday the leftist bureaucrats at the completely unnecessary Department of Education, which was a payoff to the teachers’ unions from Jimmuh Carter, issued a handbook, explaining to schools that they must help illegals who attend public schools sign up for amnesty.

From the Washington Times:

The Obama administration Tuesday pushed illegal immigrant youths to enroll in high school and college and announced a list of guarantees in schools and tips to help students apply for scholarships or financial aid.

In a 63-page handbook, the Education Department urged schools to create support groups for illegal immigrant students and their families and warned against asking about students’ legal status.

“Message publicly that your institution supports undocumented students and their rights to a high-quality education,” the handbook said.

The administration hopes to enlist schools in the effort to normalize the experience of being in the country without authorization. The guidance specifically urged schools to challenge leaders in states “with exclusionary or less inclusive policies.

And you thought schools were about educating children, not using them to promote the democrats’ political prospects. Silly, Bitter Clinger. Naturally, the American Federation of Teachers is all in. They’d rather engage in political activism than actually teach anything after all.

Are you fed up yet? What are you going to do about it?


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