Obama Regime Shows Its True Colors (No Pun Intended) in Zimmerman Case

Barack Hussein Obama MMM …MMM …MMM …, once again proving that he is absolutely determined to walk in the bright, shining sunshine of idealistic perfection in which he was elected, has made sure that the promise that his election will end any racial division or strife has come true. All hail the Great One! No, not really. He appointed Eric Holder, an avowed corrupt racialist to be Attorney General, and Mr. Holder proceeded to make it clear that he had no intention from straying from the leftist, racist Amerika-is-always-wrong playbook, declaring most of us “race cowards,” and making Spike Lee’s bizarre racist view that blacks cannot be racist official U.S. policy.

As we posted here, yesterday we learned that Mr. Holder’s Department of “Justice” was helping to fuel racial division by spending your tax dollars to facilitate the activities of race hustlers like the Rev. Al Sharpton in Sanford, FL, a fact that underscores the core reality of this case; that is, this is criminal prosecution that should never have been brought in the first place, and which is less about a crime, and more about a politically motivated prosecution brought only after rabble rousers like Rev. Al showed up. It’s a disgusting misuse of our judicial system, and one for which everyone involved should be ashamed.

Barack “If I had a son” Obama is the number one race hustler in America. He and his wife are the most successful race hustlers in the history of the universe. His comments about this Florida criminal case were EXTREMELY inappropriate, but perfectly predictable. But for race baiting and the white guilt that it inspires this poor unaccomplished doofus would still be standing with a clipboard and a bullhorn on a Chicago street corner.

I don’t have a prediction. If this case were based strictly on the evidence, an acquittal would be a slam dunk. As our guest Taleeb Starkes said a few weeks ago, though, it’s not just about the evidence or the law. Taleeb predicted that George Zimmerman would be convicted because people are afraid that when legal cases don’t go the way certain members of the black community want, they burn down their neighborhoods.

We’ll see what happens during the defense closing argument tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. I think we can all think of reasons to be justifiably pusses at the world, but what is it about this post that inspired that question?

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