Obama Regime to Spend Part of $21 Million Grant to Help Refugees Get Jobs

Refugees are a huge part of Obama’s “transformation” of our country, as we have been telling you for the last couple years.


The democrats need to change our demographics by importing people without any sense of American exceptionalism and with a propensity for dependency of government.

From The Utica Observer Dispatch:

The City of Utica is one of 11 communities across the country that will receive part of a $21 million federal grant to help disadvantaged young people find jobs.

The money will go towards the New Americans Career Pathways project, according to a news release from the White House and U.S. Department of Labor. The project provides in-school youth with summer jobs and academic support for 400 students from the city’s refugee population.

Students will receive summer job work experience and academic tutoring in English and math and support in finding part-time jobs.

Your tax dollars at work again! “Disadvantaged young people?” I’ll bet we could find a few of those, young people actually born in this country whose parents and grandparents help build this nation, who could fit that description. What about your kids, Bitter Clinger? What about African-American young people, whose levels of unemployment are through the roof?

Are you fed up yet? If so, please do as we have been asking; that is, contact your representatives and let them know that you do not want more refugees “seeding” our country. You can use this sample letter. More here.

Remember, you don’t have to have a permanent dictator if he has put his permanent bureaucracy and heinous America-hating policies in place. Those will live on, so they need to be stopped before they can take hold.

To that end, please go to this post, where you can find out how to let your senator know, in under 3 minutes, that you want the Obama Regime’s wrecking ball for suburban neighborhoods stopped NOW.


  1. So I guess spending this kind of money to help out of work Americans to get jobs is off the table. It should be interesting to see how they manage to find work for people who want to stop working in order to pray five times a day and have a laundry list of things that they will not touch or do because their religion forbids it.

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