Obama Regime to North Carolina: Keeping Men Out of the Ladies’ Room Violates Civil Rights Act

Obama’s racialist Department of (In)Justice bullying North Carolina, claiming its a violation of the Civil Rights Act to keep men out of the ladies’ room.

North Carolina

From The Washington Examiner: 

The Justice Department told North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday that the “bathroom bill” he signed into law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

“The Department of Justice has determined that, as a result of compliance with and implementation of NC House Bill 2, both you and the state of N.C. are in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 0f 1964,” Vanita Gupta, principal deputy assistant attorney general, wrote in the letter.

Let’s not forget who this woman Vanita Gupta is. She is a “social justice warrior,” masquerading as an attorney who has taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Like the man who appointed her, she has no use for that precious founding document, or for the rule of law. I wrote about her here, just about a year ago, when she made a speech excusing those rampaging, rioting savages in Ferguson, absolving them of responsibility for their criminal behavior because of–are you ready this?–slavery and Jim Crow laws!

You know that under Barack Obama and Eric Holder, the so-called Justice Department went from a neutral law enforcement agency to a weapon to exact payback for centuries of racism and discrimination from Whitey. This woman was appointed because she completely agrees with that agenda.

I think that the provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that this pinhead is relying on applies to discrimination in public accommodations. Does anyone seriously believe that the drafters of this statute intended to make it illegal to keep a person with nuts and a johnson out of a public restroom designated for women? Has everyone gone completely insane? No, but the Left continues to fight mental health, as the ineligible Marxist squatting in the Oval Office merrily continues “remaking” America. Federalism? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


  1. Mike, PRECISELY. It’s RIDICULOUS to assume that drafters of this statute was enacted to let men go into a public restroom designated for women and girls.

  2. Absolutely not, but as I always say, the Left are like cockroaches, constantly doing their dirty deeds behind the walls, relentlessly, incrementally, and with a long view.

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