Illegal Aliens Beware: Obama Regime Touts New Toughness Plans Raids and Deportations

Illegals to Be Deported? “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Illegal aliens crossing border

Illegal aliens invading the Southern Border of the United State

From the Washington Post:

The Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year, according to people familiar with the operation.

The nationwide campaign, to be carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents as soon as early January, would be the first large-scale effort to deport families who have fled violence in Central America, those familiar with the plan said. More than 100,000 families with both adults and children have made the journey across the southwest border since last year, though this migration has largely been overshadowed by a related surge of unaccompanied minors.

The ICE operation would target only adults and children who have already been ordered removed from the United States by an immigration judge, according to officials familiar with the undertaking, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because planning is ongoing and the operation has not been given final approval by DHS. The adults and children would be detained wherever they can be found and immediately deported. The number targeted is expected to be in the hundreds and possibly greater. (emphasis mine)

Hundreds? Didn’t we just learn from Pinal County, AZ Sheriffi Paul Babeu that 10,000 “children” from Central America poured over the Southern border during the last two months? (Yes, rhetorical question)

The people subject to deportation are the ones who have already received whatever due process to which they are entitled in front of an immigration judge, yet we still hear the predictable whining from the leftist interest groups if these few show raids are  actually carried out of how “unfair” they are, and how actually enforcing the law is “not who we are.” Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have already started.

This is the agency run by a woman who just 3 weeks ago told Congress they don’t need all the money allocated to them because there aren’t enough illegals to deport.

The best, and most accurate, part of the WaPo story is the following from long-time amnesty warrior Mark Kirkorian:

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “What share is this going to be?. . . It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number they’ve admitted into the country. If you have photogenic raids on a few dozen illegal families and that’s the end of it, it’s just for show. It’s just a [public relations] thing, enforcement theater.”

That about captures it.


  1. This is like a pin prick. In Obama’s case the effort tells us what Obama is, just levve out the word pin and it the effort of a …..!
    It’s a token like the imposter from Kenya.

  2. I’m sure that the members of MS-13 are trembling in their boots right about now.

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