What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Obama Releases 5 More Terrorists from Gitmo. Will One of Them Coach The Next Sleeper Cell Coming to a Town Near You?

Adel Al-Hakeemy, Released from Gitmo

One of the New Year’s Eve 2014 class of Gitmo detainees, Adel Al-Hakeemy,

Sabri Mohammed al Qurashi, Released from Gitmo

Adel Al-Hakeemy, Gitmo Class of New Year’s Eve 2014

Seriously? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Obama Releases 5 More Terrorists from Gitmo. Will One of Them Coach The Next Sleeper Cell Coming to a Town Near You?

Just one week after murderous Islamic maniacs went on a killing spree in Paris, here he goes again. I’m not referring to these five, quietly released on New Year’s Eve. Those five, three Yemenis and two from Tunisia, were “resettled” in Kazakhstan. From The Daily Mail:

Two of the men were from Tunisia and were identified as 45-year-old Adel Al-Hakeemy, and Abdallah Bin Ali al Lufti, who military records show is about 49.
The other three, from Yemen, were named as Asim Thabit Abdullah Al-Khalaqi, who is about 46, Muhammad Ali Husayn Khanayna, who is about 36, and Sabri Mohammad al Qurashi, about 44. …

One of the Yemenis, Khalaqi, 46, had been implicated by John Walker Lindh, an American captured in late 2001 working with the Taliban, as having fought with al Qaeda in Afghanistan, according to the documents. But Khalaqi denied any involvement.
The U.S. has sent hundreds of prisoners from Guantanamo to third countries, but this is the first time Kazakhstan has accepted any for resettlement.
A on oil-rich majority Muslim country with ties to Russia, it has nevertheless been the subject of several diplomatic negotiations with the U.S.

Johnny Taliban? There’s a blast from the past. Reminds me to look in to what that goofball is up to …

OK, so back to the latest five released. They are all from Yemen, and check out where they are going. From USA Today:

The government has released five men from Yemen from the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after more than a dozen years of captivity, the Department of Defense announced Wednesday.

Four men have been transferred to Oman and a fifth has been sent to Estonia, according to a statement issued by the Pentagon.

This is the first time either country has agreed to accept former Guantanamo prisoners for resettlement.

All five were captured in Pakistan and detained by the U.S. as suspected al-Qaeda fighters. U.S. officials determined it was no longer necessary to detain them but decided they couldn’t be sent to Yemen because of instability there.

The transfers came about after a task force reviewed the cases as directed by a 2009 executive order from President Obama, the Pentagon said. The six departments and agencies represented on the task force unanimously approved the moves.

The United States has been trying to find other countries to accept the Yemeni prisoners amid an effort to close the detention center on the base in Cuba.

There are now 122 detainees held at Guantanamo.

Oman? You mean THIS Oman, mentioned in this Reuters story about the Kouachi brothers?

“These two brothers arrived in Oman on July 25, 2011, and from Oman they were smuggled into Yemen where they stayed for two weeks,” a senior Yemeni security official, who declined to be named, said.

“They met (al Qaeda preacher) Anwar al-Awlaki and then they were trained for three days in the deserts of Marib on how to fire a gun. They returned to Oman and they left Oman on Aug. 15, 2011 to go back to France.”

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m sure it’s obvious to you what is happening here. B. Hussein is hell-bent on emptying out Gitmo, consequences be damned. First, his “lead from behind” (or as I like to call it from HIS behind) foreign policy makes the world much more dangerous than it was before he got his grubby mitts on the reigns of power. Then, he compounds his reckless behavior by sending more of these terrorists back to the jihad!

From AP, in 2012:

Facing domestic political pressures, the Bush and Obama administrations released or transferred 600 terror suspects deemed an acceptable threat from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, only to face the challenge that 27 percent re-engaged in terrorist or insurgent activities, according to a report by Republicans on a House Armed Services subcommittee.

It gets better. From the same AP article:

The report comes as the Obama administration officials have acknowledged that they are considering whether to release several Afghan Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo and send them to a third country as an incentive to bring the Taliban to peace talks.

Why? Two words: Ideology and Legacy.


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