Obama “Remaking” America, bringing Muslim “refugees” into Middle America, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-13-2016

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show

How Many Muslim Refugees Have Been “Seeded” in Middle America Since Obama has been President?

While the pretend news is telling you about the daily soap opera consisting of personalities, under the radar, Obama continues to “remake” our country with open borders, illegal amnesty and Muslim “refugees” seeded into Middle America.

Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. 


In  this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The inside story of the radical leftist groups with long histories of troublemaking in Chicago that were involved in the anti-free speech riot last Friday in Chicago
  • What the murder of a 68 year-old Chicago insurance agent by an illegal alien has to do with the Chicago “protests”
  • How Obama’s “remaking” America project is transforming the American heartland by bringing Muslim “refugees” into Middle America


Links from the Show

Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Anti-Free Speech Riot in Chicago

How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago | MSNBC

Here Are The Radical Leftist Anti-Tump Groups Behind The Chicago Protest | The Daily Caller

Brown: Protesters can’t blame Trump crowd for this ugliness | Chicago Sun-Times

Deadly Policies: Activist groups are hindering immigration law enforcement across the nation – Capital Research Center

Donald Trump supporters, protesters clash in Chicago – CNNPolitics.com

What really happened at the Chicago rally – My Firsthand Account : The_Donald

MoveOn: “Trump’s Hate-Filled Rhetoric On Notice After Tonight’s Event” | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action

ALL IN: Democrats Support Black Lives Matter Presidential Town Hall – Breitbart

 Election 2016

Biga: Senator Cruz and Low Information – Illinois Review

Illegal Alien Crime Spree/2nd Amendment

Feds Missed Not One BUT TWO Chances To Deport Illegal Alien Accused Of Slaughtering Five – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Armed employee holds workplace shooter at gunpoint

Obamacare Fail

Blue Cross parent lost $1.5 billion on individual health plans last year – Chicago Tribune

Army Indoctrinated About “White Privilege”

White Privilege Army Course Ft Gordon – Judicial Watch (contains the PowerPoint slides)

Refugees Remaking Middle America

Prayer Dispute Between Somalis and Plant Reshapes a Colorado Town, Again – The New York Times

The push to resettle more Syrians in the U.S. isn’t speeding up the process – The Washington Post

In immigrant Nebraska town, Muslims clash with city over downtown mosque – Omaha.com: Nebraska


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