Obama “Scandals” Really No Big Deal

Here are the ten top reasons none of the Obama so-called scandals are any big deal:

1. Benghazi talking points scandal: At this point, what difference does it make?
2. IRS targeting of political adversaries: Nixon started it!
3. Eric Holder’s false Congressional testimony: Everybody lies. And, if you’re old enough to remember the Lewinsky scandal, you probably remember reading in the mainstream media that several experts think that lying can be good.
4. Michelle’s vacations: If you had to lug that posterior around, you’d need lots of vacation time too.
5. Obama’s constant golfing: Eisenhower golfed every bit as much– almost!
6. Obtaining and examining AP phone records: Nixon started it!
7. Doing the same thing to Fox News reporter James Rosen: Nixon started it!
8. Hacking into CBS reporter Sheryl Atkisson’s computer: Nixon would have done it if there’d been PC’s back then, and he would have done more of it.
9. The mysterious whereabouts of President Obama during the Benghazi attack: At this point, what difference does it make?
10. Obama’s re-election: Not a scandal, just a shame and an outrage. And now he’s president of the United States – all 57 of them – for another four years. Maybe it is a scandal…

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  1. Thomas, I think you have issued the definitive word on these “scandals.” Isn’t it amazing how these evil doers like George W. Bush and Nixon can continue to cause trouble long after they leave office, or die?

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