Obama Shows True Colors on Phone Encryption: It’s All About Taxes

Of course it is! Income redistribution through confiscatory taxes and schemes like Obamacare are his Holy Grail!


(H/T Dollar Vigilante: https://www.dollarvigilante.com/blog/2014/3/18/barack-obamas-usa-is-starting-to-look-like-early-days-of-mao.html)

From Variety:

“All of us value our privacy,” Obama said. “Before smartphones were invented and to this day, if there’s probable cause to think you abducted a child or you are engaging in a terrorist plot or you are guilty of a serious crime, law enforcement can appear at your doorstep” with a warrant, he explained.

“I am of the view there are real reasons we should make sure government can’t willy-nilly get in everyone’s iPhone,” the president continued. “The whole Snowden disclosure episode elevated people’s suspicions of this. So does popular culture, which makes it appear I’m in the [Situation Room],” monitoring private exchanges.

He outlined what would happen if the government couldn’t access digital communications. “The question we have to ask is if technologically it’s possible to make an impenetrable device or system where the encryption is so strong there’s no key, there’s no door at all, then how we do apprehend the child pornographer?” Obama asked. “How do we disrupt a terrorist plot? What mechanisms do we have available to do even simple things like tax enforcement?”He added: “There has to be some concessions to get into that information.” (emphasis mine)

There you go! We can’t have people escaping the tentacles of the IRS! Do we want those bitter clingers in the Tea Party to be able to hide from them? For the Left, “the right of privacy” means getting an abortion and indulging in sexual perversion. That stuff is fine. Trying to keep them from stealing your money to buy votes is definitely not!

This guy, who wants to import hundreds of thousands of un vetted Syrian “refugees” into this country, even after ISIS has stated their intent to use this “refugee crisis” to infiltrate the West, expects us to believe that he’s concerned about terrorism? That’s not going to fly.

Our Dear Reader also demonstrated once again that he is an outstanding demagogue, saying “easier to order a pizza than vote.” Gee, that may sound like a great applause line until you realize that a person ordering a pizza doesn’t really affect the future of this country. What if I want to order more than 1 pizza? Does that cancel out anyone else’s pizza? What an embarrassment this braying jackass continues to be!

If you want to know why the Left opposes the simple common sense idea of using voter ID to prevent fraud, this story from the Sun Herald tells you all you need to know:

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have created a new statistical model indicating that voter identification laws do what detractors claim — reduce turnout for minorities and those on the political left.

Overall, the researchers found, strict ID laws cause a reduction in Democratic turnout by 8.8 percentage points, compared with a reduction of 3.6 percentage points for Republicans.

Read more from the Variety piece here.



  1. 1984= Cell phone access for encryption access. Voter ID means less Dems living (or dead?) get to vote.
    Dems can’t have way, wah wah!

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