Obama State Department, Stonewalling and Lying About Americans Murdered in Benghazi, “Regrets” Execution of Illegal Immigrant Cop Killer


Seriously? Dr. King would want to protect a cold-blooded cop killer? Don’t think so.

From CNN:

A last-ditch push to keep a convicted cop killer alive failed Wednesday night when the U.S. Supreme Court denied a motion to stay his execution.

Edgar Tamayo Arias, a Mexican national, was executed at 9:32 p.m. CT, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.

His execution marks the first of the year in Texas and the 509th in the state since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

Tamayo did not make a statement before his death, department spokesman Jason Clark said.

Of course, the Obama State Department was not so taciturn. From The Latin Times:

The US Department of State has today lamented the decision of the Texas court to execute Mexican citizen Edgar Tamayo Arias despite pleas from Secretary of State John Kerry and the Mexican government calling for clemency. “The Department regrets the decision of the Texas court to proceed with the execution without revision or reconsideration, but we continue to committed to our international obligations in the case of Avenas,” said Department of State spokesperson Marie Harf.

Ms. Harf is referring to the 2004 case of Mexico v. United States of America, known as formally Avena and Other Mexican Nationals, in which the Internaitona Court of Justice (ICJ) found that the United States had breached its obligations under the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations by not allowing consular representation for Mexican citizens imprisoned in the United States. The United States was found guilty of breaching this agreement in 51 cases.

Mr. Tamayo Arias, arrested for the murder of police Officer Guy Gaddis in 1994, was one of the cases considered a breach of the Vienna Convention which the International Criminal Court in The Hague asked the United States to review. Harf said that the this case “illustrated [for the Department of State] the critical importance of Congress approving the initiative for legislation known as ‘Consular Notification Compliance Act’.” This act would put in place additional mechanisms so that the United States would comply with international obligations.

Oh yeah, hell yes, because we want to make sure that illegals who shoot American police officers in the back of the head to murder them in cold blood get all the procedures that comply with “international obligations.”

Disgusting and embarrassing.


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