Obama Has a Strategy for Celebrity Weddings and Fundraisers, Just Not for Syria

George Clooney and Obama

Two great minds, or two empty suits?

From Day at the Races:

We end the week with a little celebrity news — news that could spill over into the 2014 election, if it’s to be believed.

Per this report, George Clooney will soon be sending out invites to his wedding, which is expected to happen in September in the vicinity of Lake Como, where he owns a posh villa — a $25 million affair that’s likely to play out on the tastefully refined pages of Vogue.

It’s this passage that caught my eye:

“But Vogue cover or not, we can now turn our speculation to which famous Friends of George will attend the wedding. According to Ranker.com‘s list of Clooney friends, invitations could go out to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and even Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”

So that’s assuming the President gets an invite from Clooney, which he can easily decline given the restrictions of his day job.

However, Radar Online takes the speculation a step further, writing this about two very famous Americans:

“At first she was on the fence about going,” the source said of [Angela] Jolie, “because she’s not big on schmoozing at Hollywood get-togethers. But she quickly changed her mind after George told her that President Obama RSVP’d ‘Yes’!”

Let’s mull that over for a moment:

1) The same President who just got hammered in August by the media and the usual suspects who care little for this administration for playing too much golf while paying too little attention to the world’s affairs is going to take Air Force One all the way to Northern Italy to hang out with famous friends and admirers?

He did tell Barbara Walters that he’s a little lazy, no? There are certain aspects of the job of being President, specifically the actual job part, that he’s just not feeling. The celebrity studded soirées, the luxurious vacations, the endless rounds of golf, now you’re talking!

Would anyone out there who actually supported this empty suit care to apologize at this point?

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