Obama Takes Clinton Bait on Syria, But Still Sits on Fence

As noted in this post earlier today, Bill Clinton effectively dared Obama to get involved in Syria’s civil war. It appears that the One is taking the bait. From Bloomberg:

 President Barack Obama has authorized sending weapons to Syrian rebels for the first time, U.S. officials said Thursday, after the White House disclosed that the United States has conclusive evidence Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government has used chemical weapons against opposition forces trying to overthrow him.

Still, he hasn’t really said exactly what he’s doing to enforce his “red line,” but rest assured, Bitter Clingers, he’s really really angry about this chemical weapon thing. so much so that he’s going to talk to our allies about it next week at the G-8 in Northern Ireland.

Way to be decisive, Mr. Commander in Chief!

I guess this sort of thing is what you get when you install a completely unaccomplished narcissistic empty suit with a history of cocaine use and voting present during his undistinguished career in the Illinois State Senate in the Oval Office.

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