Obama and Trudeau’s Slobbering Love Fest

Barack Hussein Obama and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada show that in springtime, where a man’s fancy turns, as in LOVE, as they show in their slobbering love fest.

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From CNN:

Liberal, social-media savvy, focused on a message of change and intent on making strides on the climate: President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered the spectacle of two world leaders unusually aligned on message and in outlook when they met at the White House Thursday.

With one man nearing the end of his role as national leader and another just beginning, 54-year-old Obama might have been seeing a younger version of himself — in terms of policy and popularity — as he welcomed Trudeau to Washington.

The two share a similar world outlook, celebrity appeal and even campaign oratory. The commonalities make for a rare kinship between a foreign leader and the U.S. President, who has often seemed to be a loner on the world stage.

“If geography made us neighbors, then shared values made us kindred spirits,” the 44-year-old Trudeau said in a Rose Garden press conference soon after arriving for the first official visit of a Canadian prime minister in 19 years.

I may hurl.

Political dynasties are so unappealing, aren’t they? Think Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Clintons. Do you agree? Please comment below.


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