Smiling Obama in Vietnam Has Photo Taken in Front of Bust of Ho Chi Mihn

Ho Chi Mihn: So much better than that icky Churchill bust! John Kerry must be so proud!

Ho Chi Mihn

So many repressive regimes to cozy up to, so little time left for our first Marxist occupier of the Oval Office. First, the Castro brothers and the terror enablers in Iran. Now Vietnam.

From the Washington Examiner:

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang quoted his country’s former communist president during the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh, as he toasted improved relations between the U.S. and Vietnam and welcomed President Obama to Hanoi.

At a state lunch, Quang thanked Obama for traveling so far to mark an “another crucial milestone” in the relationship.

“The reversed development of the Vietnam-U.S. relations in the past years is clear evidence of President Ho Chi Minh’s statement, ‘Bear the cold winter, and we shall be welcomed by spring.'”

Quang also thanked the American people for their “contributions to putting an end to an unhappy chapter in the two countries’ history.”

He acknowledged that the “wounds of the war have not been fully healed” in both countries and differences remain. But he said that time goes by, “we have become more deeply aware of the past and present, and have conviction that a friendly and cooperative relationship between our two nations will be in the best interest of both peoples, as well as that of peace, stability, cooperation and development in the Asia Pacific and the world.”

Let me translate: pay us reparations, or at least sell us arms, to which with respect to the latter, Obama said, “Absolutely!”

He also had dinner in Hanoi with Anthony Bourdain for an upcoming episode of this CNN show, even though, of course, the presidency is NOT about entertainment!


Coming next: the Apology Tour continues as the One travels to Hiroshima later this week.


  1. Right. His bucket list includes getting photos of himself, grinning like an idiot in front of memorials to as many dead commies as he can think of.

  2. It’s ridiculous, and SO OBVIOUS! How could anyone with more than a room temperature IQ ever support this anti-American, Marxist jackass? There was never any doubt about what he was and is. It’s stunning!

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