Obama Wags the (Hot) Dog

I know that we can’t expect much from a media that serves as a lapdog for the president and his extreme ideology.

And speaking of dogs…

Thirty years ago Mitt Romney took a family vacation and put his dog in a crate on top of the car. Anyone who has seen a dog in the back of a pick-up truck or sticking their head out a car window wouldn’t think much of this because a.) dogs like the wind, and b.) it’s a dog.

But the media reaction to this story would lead you to believe Romney chained the dog to the bumper, dragging it to its death. Or beat it mercilessly. Or worse, feasted on it.

I mention that last one because that’s what a young Barack Obama did to dogs during his time in  Indonesia. Yes, our putatively All American president actually ate dog meat.

Now, a few of you utterly un-American types out there may not care that Obama ate dogs,  anymore than you care that he is also eating America’s lunch and that he also countenances infanticide.. much less chowing down on dog.  But neither does Obama given that he wrote openly about it in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. I know that former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers may have ghost written Chairman Obama’s books. But that doesn’t change anything. Even if Ayers did ghost write the book,   that doesn’t mean it wasn’t proofread by the future  usurper, nor does it mean that Ayers wasn’t given first hand accounts about Hussein’s life, this incident included.

 But the hypocrisy over the outrage of the Romney dog story necessitates looking into it.

The lapdog media immediately snapped to attention to protect their master. PolitiFact decided not to “fact check” it because it is, in fact, a fact,  but performed a hasty audible and placed it in “context.”  Buzzfeed, a new species of lapdog bred from the bowels of former Politico “journalists” took their offense/defense a step further. They regaled us with stories of worldwide dog eating practices,  along with graphic photos,  and equated it to the eating of chicken,  oh yeah,  eating chicken, complete with pictures of both President Obama and Mitt Romney eating chicken.

Obama profiles Americans the way anthropologists interact with supposedly primitive peoples.  Hence his unguarded analysis of the “bitter clingers” of flyover country,  his trenchant critique of their quaint primitivistic reliance upon the shibboleths of guns and religions.  Not withstanding that he is usually careful to reserve that particular type of class warfare opinion and observation and draw out the impressions of others; a modus operandi observed since his days at the Harvard Law Review, through his years as a community activist inChicago, and throughout his political career.   Liberal and /or cultural Marxist anthropologists often proceed from a position of resentment against the capitalist/industrial/technological/scientific method that charecterizes much of American Culture and prefer to, whenever possible;  identify with the cultures of the Third world. Dare I say that this defense from the lib media is a DOG whistle wink and nod shout out to his exotic counter cultural sensibilities?  Obama applies the tools of cultural manipulation out of resentment against theUnited States of America. The supposed president of theUnited States is Stanley Anne Dunham’s revenge against the America she despised.

It really isn’t unfair at all to bring Obama’s canine consumption to public attention. The president isn’t really one of us. He’s a dog-eater. He tells the story in his memoir to emphasize that viscerally, Obama identifies with theThird World of his upbringing more than with the Americaof his adulthood. BUT THIS IS THE UNITED STATES.  WE DON’T EAT DOGS HERE.  This is just another indication of his un-American sensibility and epistemology.  It is to our dismay to have a president who despises our country and his traditions.

When BHO is finally driven from office to await the ignominy that he so richly deserves,  I shall be deprived of the most fertile target rich environment that I could ever HOPED to have had to ridicule a politician.  Who else but the One could have given me an opportunity for bon mots such as these?  At this time I would like to express my appreciation to my friend and collaborator Rob from Chicago, trapped behind the lines in the greater Soviet of Cook County and Chicago Illinois for some of these following pearls of witticism.

When Obama first heard that Romney had driven with a dog on the roof of his car, he thought it was “Meals On Wheels.”

Obama goes to the Greyhound Race Track for fast food.

If I had a dog it would look like the dog Obama ate

If Moochelle says he had to take a bus from their South SAide Chicago neighborhood to find fresh tomatoes, how many do ya think he had to take to find the nearest dog butcher?

His new campaign slogan – a puppy in every pot

“Vote for me or I’ll eat this dog!”

Now for some Obama culinary delights:

 Beagles with cream cheese

Eggs Rover easy

Great Danishes

Pugs in a Blanket

Pup Tarts

Obama’s Indonesian cookbook: Dreams of My Fido.

Chicken Poodle Soup

Spaghetti and Mutt Balls

Puppy puffs

Puppy pot pie

Corgy Casserole

Cockapoo Stew

And my favorite:

Shih Tzu on a Shingle

Poodle Streudel anyone?

And for desert? Chocolate Lab.

 Now for the $64,000 question, what does Obama REALLY take home in the doggie bag?

And in conclusion let me just say, Barack Hussein Obama, Umm Ummmm Ummmmmm!!!


  1. Robert H. Goetz, Sr.

    Just wish to add one more… “Teryaki Terrier!”

  2. Hi there! I recently discovered your website and I really enjoyed it. I will subcribe to your rss feed and look forward to new posting from you.

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