Cynical Political Calculation Delays Obamacare Cap on Medical Costs:Your Obamacare Bar Tab

My economics prof always told us “there is no free lunch,” which perplexed me a bit at the time, at first. After all, there was that “free” taco bar during Happy Hour at our local favorite Mexican restaurant, “Manuel’s Mexican Bistro.” Then I realized that there was always a tab to be paid for those fantastic margaritas, and depending on the level of revelry involved, that tab could put a serious dent in a college student’s weekly budget.

I reported to you on Tuesday morning about Obama’s latest “Affordable Care Act” lie, the delay on the cap on individual out of pocket costs. Once again, Emperor O has decided to unilaterally postpone of the provisions of his signature “achievement.” Perhaps passing the complete overhaul (read “destruction”) of our health care system by strong arming it through on a one-party vote using threats, bribery, back room deals and lies wasn’t the greatest idea. Wrong, Bitter Clinger. That’s the Chicago Way, and it was a great idea if the goal was to put a plan into place that was designed to fail to pave the way for the single-payer, European-style socialist medicine in America. That has been a leftist dream for a century.

To understand the reason for that one-year delay on those out-of-pocket caps, let’s return to that bar tab analogy. Pinto, Otter and Bluto go to Manuel’s for a little fun, “free” tacos and, of course, margaritas, which during Happy Hour cost $5. Pinto has one ($5), Otter has two ($10), and Bluto, being Bluto, has four ($20). They each pay their tab. The next day they decide it was so much fun that they are going to go back and do it again. When they arrive, they learn that Manuel’s has a new policy, a $10 cap on individual bar tabs. There is no limit on the group’s tab. It’s just that each patron must not pay more than $10. Manuel is hoping that friends can exert some pressure on each other to be moderate in their alcohol consumption. Sadly, Bluto is unconvinced. This time, when he has $20 worth of margaritas, that extra $10 has to come from somewhere. Otter, who had his usual two, has already paid his limit, so Pinto. who had only one drink, must pay $15.

This delay on the cap on out-of-pocket medical costs is based on the cynical political calculation that there are more health care Pintos than Blutos; that is, there are more people who pay their insurance premiums, in 85% of cases through their employer based insurance, and don’t experience the extremely high costs of those who, due to lifestyle, heredity or just bad luck, consume a lot of medical care. The Obama administration wants to keep all the Pintos from realizing that Barack’s scheme is actually the mother of all wealth and income redistribution plans, which is what will happen when the health care Blutos are protected from paying for what they consume. Hence the delay until after the 2014 elections, when it’s too late to elect the people we need to elect to undo this train wreck.

The only cost savings in Obamacare will come from rationing. Rationing margaritas, especially in Bluto’s case, is probably a good thing. Rationing expensive cancer drugs, or orthopedic surgery to relieve excruciating pain, or any of the other costly medical services that many people require could condemn them to serious suffering or even death.

The GOP has a HUGE opportunity here. Will they be smart enough to take advantage of it?


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