Obama’s Bracket: “A Masterpiece of Harmless Pandering”

I hoped a merciful God would spare us Obama’s moronic NCAA bracket this year, but of course, I was not surprised when I saw him all over the airwaves today talking about his picks. I noticed something, and it didn’t escape the attention of another eagle-eyed commentator, Alex Altman at time.com:

The President is a believer in “momentum” and point guards, he tells ESPN’s Andy Katz, but he also has a thing for schools in swing states. Three of his Final Four picks — Ohio State, Missouri and North Carolina — hail from November battlegrounds. As does NC State, his lone true upset. One wonders whether his selections in other stray toss-up games (New Mexico over Louisville; Iowa State over Connecticut) were subtly influenced by the Electoral College map. On Tuesday night, he schlepped British Prime Minister David Cameron on a quick jaunt to Dayton, where the two world leaders sat courtside at a preliminary bout between tournament welterweights Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky. “The heartland is what it’s all about,” he gushed to one reporter.

Obama is a genuine basketball fan who knows his stuff. So Tar Heel fans should be heartened that he picked Roy Williams’ team to cut down the nets in New Orleans. Last year his bracket ranked in the 87th percentile among ESPN entrants, and his re-election campaign is holding its own bracket challenge this time around. It’s a nice way to remind voters you’re a regular guy. Particularly the voters he really wants in November.


And his course for the overall winner? Of course, North Carolina, and it has nothing to do with this.

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