Obama’s “Broad-Based Frustration:” In Other Words, Insanity on Parade

Remember when Barack Obama described those filthy, foul-mouthed, screeching refugees from a looney bin, commonly known as “Occupy Wall Street,” as “giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works?”

Submitted for your approval, a few choice examples of what the Dear Reader considers average Americans, just like you and me, throwing bodily fluids at people who don’t want to give them free food, shoving old ladies down the stairs, wishing for 911 more 9/11s and, my personal favorite, a guy who looks like a cross between Charlie Manson and Leonardo DiCaprio ranting insanely, and hurling racial epithets.

  • What, you aren’t going to give us free food? P**s on that!
  • How dare you ride a bus for 11 hours to attend a tribute to that douchebag Ronald Reagan? Take that, you old bag!
  •  ‘I WOULDN’T GIVE A F*CK IF 9/11 HAPPENED 911 MORE TIMES’ (H/T Atlas Shrugged)
  • Nutso Manson-DiCaprio

I could go on, but better yet check out  the amazing  “rap sheet” of the Occupy Everything but a Job and/or a Shower Stall movement that Big Government’s John Nolte has compiled.

Mr. President, are you sure you want to characterize this collection of kooks, misfits and certifiable wackjobs are representatives of the “frustrations” of the American people?


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