Obama’s Gay Transgender Nanny: Another Piece of the Puzzle Falls into Place

Tonight on Sean Hannity’s Show, breitbart.com‘s Joel Pollak and Ben Shapiro will reveal the tape of a younger Barack Obama in 1991 in Alinskyite community organizer mode, leading a rally in support of another victim of racist America, Harvard professor Derrick Bell. As stunning as it is for us to have a man who is openly hostile to the U.S. Constitution occupying the Oval Office, it’s not exactly breaking news. Let me say it again: anyone who could be accurately described as a “community organizer” should automatically be disqualified for holding the office of President. A community organizer is to the America we grew up as Hurricane Katrina was to the Gulf Coast. That this fact isn’t obvious to most Americans is a tribute to the Left’s 60+-year project to dumb down the population.

The collection of left-wing radicals who helped mold the mind of a young Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro has been well-known for years. From his beatnik mother, his grandfather’s commie pal Frank Marshall Davis, to Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah “G-damn Anerica” Wright, there’s no diversity of opinion here. It’s all Marxism, all the time.

Less well-known, and often overlooked due to the Obamas’ skillful image-building use of their family, are the influences that may have influenced America’s first affirmative action President’s views on social issues. Barack Obama says that Sandra Fluke’s parents should be proud that she allowed herself to be used to promote his takeover of health care by telling the world that she, a single woman, is going broke paying for the pills she needs to continue engaging in recreational sex. As I noted on last Sunday’s show, my parents would have had a slightly different response. The phrase “murder-suicide” springs to mind.

So, politics aside, why is Obama so convinced that promiscuity is a badge of honor for single women?  Mmm… Could this piece of the puzzle add to our understanding?  Headline from the Daily Mail UK:

Revealed: Barack Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny who made him laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick

Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro obviously considered a homosexual who liked to dress up in drag the ideal caregiver for her son. Not exactly Mary Poppins, but he (or should I say “she?”) made a mean beef steak and fried rice.

The story describes how Evie used to amuse young Barry by putting on Ann’s lipstick, and how Obama’s former babysitter’s life today, 66 years old, a former “sex worker,” struggling to survive, but now with a reason for feeling proud, even when people refer to her as “scum.”

For Evie, who’s now just trying to earn enough to survive each day on Jakarta’s streets, the election victory itself was enough to give her a reason – for the first time in a long time – to feel proud.

‘Now when people call me scum,’ she says, ‘I can just say: ‘But I was the nanny for the President of the United States!’

You'd think the One could send this woman a few bucks, wouldn't you?

Evie, that and $3.50 will by you a latte. Don’t feel that you were a failure, though. Your former charge is clearly an extremely kind, compassionate human being, as demonstrated by his selfless show of concern for democrat operative Sandra Fluke.


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  1. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/2012/03/09/michelle-asks-crowd-give-michelle/

    Teri — OT, but have you seen this? I can’t find your email address on this site, so post it here. Michelle Antoinette has surely lost her mind. — Learner

    • Posting again — it seems Michelle Antoinette may have been speaking of the Govenor’s wife, not herself. I hope so. There are some demonstrations of ego so embarrassing that one can only rejoice at the idea that they may not have occurred. — Learner

  2. Thanks Learner. We’ll be talking more Mooch tomorrow, I’m sure. Best, T

  3. How pathetic that so many Christians and Catholics are so weak they can’t stand up for their faith. Homosexuality is a choice, not a genetic predisposition. Transgender people should not be mistreated. They deserve respect and love just as any of us do. That said, it is an unnatural thing. They are clearly mentally ill and need help, just as someone with a multiple personality disorder does. There is no evidence to support they can’t help themselves. They can. There are many underlying issues that fuel homosexual and transgender behaviors. They are rooted in insecurity, a loss of identity and childhood abuse and trauma. So sad that we never hear about this. Instead we just applaud this lifestyle while they continue down a path of utter destruction.

  4. Hannity admits that he misspoke to Waco transgender resident Arthur B. Black regarding his comments about Obama’s lack of transgender friends : http://youtu.be/I_d_w0yhCg0

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