Obama’s Jack-Booted Thuggery Strikes Again: FEMA to Punish States with Climate Change “Deniers” as Governor

Obama Regime Targets Climate Change “Deniers” by Threatening to WithhoFEMAld FEMA funds

As we predicted he would be, with the 2012 election safely behind him, Barack Obama is off the leash. Any self-imposed restraints on his desire to go into full metal, balls to the wall leftist despot mode are gone, as he vows to tyrannically wield his pen and phone, Constitution be damned, in the service of “transforming” our country. As you know, the “transformation” is necessary payback for centuries of Amerika’s racism and imperialism. Hobbling our economy using the pretext of “climate change” caused by human activity is a huge part of seeing that “social justice” be done. Of course, like all radical leftist demagogues, he likes to couch his dictatorial schemes in gauzy rhetoric, which intelligent listeners quickly realize is meaningless drivel with very little substance and zero connection to reality.

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Here’s the latest effort by the Obama Regime to use regulation to impose its radical agenda on those who don’t have their minds right, the denial of disaster preparedness funds to states whose governors don’t swallow the junk science based “global warming” religion. From the Washington Times:

The Obama administration has issued new guidelines that could make it harder for governors who deny climate change to obtain federal disaster-preparedness funds.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new rules could put some Republican governors in a bind. The rules say that states’ risk assessments must include “consideration of changing environmental or climate conditions that may affect and influence the long-term vulnerability from hazards in the state.”

The policy, which goes into effect in March 2016, doesn’t affect federal money for relief after a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster. But states seeking disaster preparedness money from Washington will be required to assess how climate change threatens their communities, a requirement that wasn’t included in FEMA’s 2008 guidelines.

No longer do we have a neutral bureaucracy in place to efficiently administer regulations for the public good. In its place, are politicized federal agencies whose number one objective is imposing radical leftist policies on an unwilling American public. Every single federal agency has been refocused on this goal under this despicable, petulant fool Obama. The IRS, the EPA, what we laughingly call the “Department of Justice,” are just a few recent examples. Now an agency that is supposed to exist as a backstop to state and local emergency management agencies, which are the appropriate first responders, is turned into another federal bully.

Thanks again, Morons, who voted for this jackass.

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