Obama’s Jack-Booted Thugs Strike Again, Part II: “Operation Chokepoint” Targets Gun Stores and Other Businesses Out of Favor with Regime



What is “Operation Chokepoint?” Another federal bullying program from the Obama Regime, of course!

Fox News reports on yet another scheme from the Obama Regime to use administrative regulation to destroy those that they don’t like for ideological reasons:

A controversial federal law enforcement program that critics say targeted businesses the Obama administration didn’t like is about to face a new wave of congressional scrutiny, with Capitol Hill hearings set to begin Tuesday.

Under the program, called Operation Choke Point, banks and other financial institutions were reportedly pressured to cut off accounts for targeted businesses. This included gun stores, casinos, tobacco distributors, short-term lenders and other businesses.

Critics claim the program — overseen by the Justice Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other agencies — was used to squeeze legal companies that some politicians considered morally objectionable.

“Our concern is you have agencies in the Obama administration that are using government as a weapon and they going after industries and people that they don’t like,” said Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, who co-chairs the Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. “This is not the old Soviet Union or Venezuela or Cuba. I think it’s important for all Americans to stand up and push back on policies that are an abuse of government.”

It’s not the Soviet Union, Venezuela or Cuba? Perhaps not yet, but it’s not for Obama’s lack of trying.


  1. This is my maiden visit. This site was suggested from another conservative site which is in limbo right now.

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