Obama’s Jefferson Do-Over, Jimmuh Carter’s Latest Cringe-Inducing Episode and More!

Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, lucky listeners had the first opportunity to discuss B. Hussein’s sudden and I’m sure totally sincere desire to attend church. Friday evening’s TelePrompTer misadventure, in which he decided to revise Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence by omitting the phrase “our Creator,” had nothing to do with his appearance in church this particular Sunday.

We also discussed Moochelle’s (H/T Rush) love of lobster and ice cream, so large they almost rival her distaste for being First Lady. pastedGraphic.pdfWhen reports surfaced that Michelle had told France’s First Lady Carla Bruni that the job was “hell,” and that she could barely stand it, they were completely credible. Why would she want to be First Lady of this mean country? Carla Bruni’s office has denied that her book contains the disparaging remarks attributed to the First Klingon.  pastedGraphic_1.pdfStill, even before this episode, I don’t think that Michelle was a Carla fan.

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