Obama’s Katrina Rant

Like many of you, I tuned in last night to “Hannity” to see the “blockbuster” tape of Obama from 2007. Of course, his apparatchiks in the LSM are downplaying it as “lame” and “old news,” and, yes, it’s not exactly a heart-stopper that Barack Obama is a race-baiting demagogue. Still, it’s worth revisiting this tape (link here), if only to shine a light on something else that Barack Obama is, something that everyone casting a ballot for president needs to keep in mind. This guy is a phony. He gets in front of a group of black ministers and suddenly he switches on that terrific on-off Negro dialect that Harry Reid admired so much. And also worth noting: the One went off the PrompTer for the “Where’s your dollah?” part of the speech.

It’s also interesting, and a bit ironic, that in this rant, he is inveighing against the racist neglect of victims of Hurricane Katrina, given recent events. As Pat Caddell noted in his speech at an Accuracy in Media event, which we heard on last Sunday’s show, Obama’s stunning and disgraceful performance after the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, should be his Katrina moment. Four Americans, including the first ambassador since 1979 during the Carter administration, are murdered and he makes a perfunctory and uncomfortable statement, then jets off to Vegas for another fundraiser.

So, while it’s not exactly a news bulletin that Barack Obama played the race card to get where he is, or that he spent 20 years listening to, and expressing admiration for a racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, Marxist preacher, this tape provides a cautionary reminder of who this man is, and why the American public made a HUGE mistake electing him 4 years ago.


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