Obama’s Moonstruck Audiences

If like me, you just finished watching Barack Obama’s latest standup act in front of another collection of semi-conscious, wet-behind-the-ears college students, you may be asking yourself “why can’t this guy ever give a speech in front of people who can remember when Jimmy Carter was president?” I know exactly what you’re thinking. If these clueless kiddies with their eager hands out, who cheer wildly as he promises to take money from the evil Defense Department and give it to them, could remember when Jimmy Carter was president, they wouldn’t have voted for this guy in the first place. They would have seen how that turned out and would not have wanted to repeat it. Obama and his operatives know that he relied on a shameless “cult of the personality” strategy to get himself elected in 2008, and at this point he has no intention of turning into a serious person who wants to debate other serious people. His 2012 prospects depend on energizing the “American Idol” audience once again. This morning he made a strong pitch for them to be “involved,” revealing again that his ostensibly “adult” conversation about the deficit is nothing more than another part of his never-ending campaign.

But there’s another reason why he can never have his “adult” conversations in front of actual adults, and it has to do with the narcissism that oozes out of every one of his pores. He loves to be worshipped. He loves to be viewed as brilliant. He has been led his entire life to expect it. In a room full of serious people with serious intellect, he stands out as what he really is: an affirmative-action assisted, TelePrompTer-dependent, inexperienced, unaccomplished empty suit and embarrassment to the office he holds. Why does Obama almost never appear before really grown up audiences? The same reason the 50-something doofus at your office wants to date 19 year olds. He’s like the character John Mahoney played in the film “Moonstruck,” the college professor who had a series of dating relationships with several of his students. Here’s how he describes them to a mature woman:

I teach these classes I’ve taught for a million years. The spontaneity went out of it for me a long time ago. I started off, I was excited about something and I wanted to share it. Now it’s rote, it’s the multiplication table. Except sometimes. Sometimes I’m droning along and I look up, and there’s this fresh young beautiful face, and it’s all new to her and I’m this great guy who’s just brilliant and thinks out loud. And when that happens, when I look out among those chairs and look at a young woman’s face, and see Me there in her eyes, Me the way I always wanted to be and maybe once was, then I ask her out on a date. It doesn’t last. It can go for a few weeks or a couple of precious months, but then she catches on that I’m just a burnt out old gasbag and that she’s as fresh and bright and full of prom1se as moonlight in a martini. And at that moment, she stands up and throws a glass of water in my face, or something to that effect.

That’s Barack Obama. The guy reciting risible, hackneyed big-government hokum that experienced adults recognize as more feasting off the rotting corpse of FDR, resorting to taking his act to the only audience where it doesn’t induce the laughter it deserves. To them, he’s “this great guy who’s just brilliant and thinks aloud.”  Let me clue you in, my Millennial friends. He’s not great. He’s not brilliant. He doesn’t think, and he’s a “guy” only using the most generous meaning of that word. You should grow up, even though he won’t.


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  1. I predict that the phrase “spending reductions in the tax code” will hang like an albatross around the dear reader’s neck until the end of his days, much like Howard Dean’s now famous scream and John Kerry’s “I voted for it before I voted against it”. Let’s not forget the term “kinetic military action”, another amazing attempt at the denial of reality. The dear reader really thinks we are stupid! Then again, the voting public has given him good cause to hold such a belief.

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